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EVENT= कार्यक्रम (pr. {karyakram} )(Verb)
Usage : Tell me about any event .
EVENT= घटना (pr. {ghaTana} )(Verb)
उदाहरण : किसी घटना के बारे में बताओ .


EVENT= प्रतियोगिता (pr. {pratiyogita} )(Noun)
Usage : in that event, the first possibility is excluded
EVENT= स्थिति (pr. {sthiti} )(Noun)
Usage : In that event, the first possibility is excluded.
EVENT= वृत्तांत (pr. {vaRattanat} )(Noun)
EVENT= वारदात (pr. {varadat} )(Noun)


EVENTS= घटना (pr. {ghaTana} )(Adjective)
Usage : yesterday i was take a event
EVENTFUL= घटनापूर्ण (pr. {ghaTanapurN} )(Adjective)
Usage : The most exhausting and eventful day of my life
EVENTUAL= अन्तिम (pr. {antim} )(Adjective)
Usage : Hope of eventual (or ultimate) rescue
EVENTUAL= संभावित (pr. {sanabhavit} )(Adjective)
EVENTUALLY= अंत में (pr. {anat men} )(Adverb)
Usage : He will understand eventually
EVENTUALLY= आखिरकार (pr. {Akhirakar} )(Adverb)
EVENTUALLY= अंततः (pr. {anatata:} )(Adverb)
Usage : This problem will be fixed eventually, so dont worry about this now.
EVENTUALLY= अंततोगत्वा (pr. {anatatogatva} )(Adverb)
EVENTUALLY= नतीजतन (pr. {natijatan} )(Verb)
Usage : Eventually, he became stronger
EVENTUALITY= परिणति (pr. {pariNati} )(Noun)
Usage : He was already aware of the eventuality his actions.
EVENTUALITY= संभाव्य घटना (pr. {sanabhavy ghaTana} )(Verb)

Definition of Event

  • something that happens at a given place and time
  • a special set of circumstances; "in that event, the first possibility is excluded"; "it may rain in which case the picnic will be canceled"
  • a phenomenon located at a single point in space-time; the fundamental observational entity in relativity theory

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