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Find out    
FIND OUT= पता करना (pr. {pata karana} )(PhrasalVerb)
Usage : Can you find out from the railway station as to when the next train to our destination is due.
FIND OUT= पता लगाना (pr. {pata lagana} )(Verb)
Usage : He was caught out


FIND OUT= जानना (pr. {janana} )(Verb)
FIND OUT= पाना (pr. {pana} )(Verb)

Definition of Find out

  • establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study; "find the product of two numbers"; "The physicist who found the elusive particle won the Nobel Prize"
  • get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally; "I learned that she has two grown-up children"; "I see that you have been promoted"
  • find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort; "I want to see whether she speaks French"; "See whether it works"; "find out if he speaks Russian"; "Check whether the train leaves on time"

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