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WAIST= कमर (pr. {kamar} )(Noun)
Usage : Reema was wearing a dress that was very tight at the waist.
LOTUS= कमल (pr. {kamal} )(Noun)
Usage : Lotus is a name of Flower.


WAISTLINE= कमर (pr. {kamar} )(Noun)
GROIN= कमर (pr. {kamar} )(Noun)
Usage : He is not playing because of a groin injury
MIDDLE= कमर (pr. {kamar} )(Noun)
Usage : A whole is that which has beginning, middle, and end
LOIN= कमर (pr. {kamar} )(Noun)
Usage : He was hurt in the loin.
WONDERFUL= कमाल (pr. {kamal} )(Adjective)
उदाहरण : तुमने तो कमाल कर दिया
FEAT= कमाल (pr. {kamal} )(Noun)
Usage : he performed a great feat
APARTMENT= कमरे (pr. {kamare} )(Noun)
CHAMBER= कमरा (pr. {kamara} )(Noun)
Usage : the chambers of his heart were healthy
ROOM= कमरा (pr. {kamara} )(Noun)
Usage : The house has a simply furnished living room.
They have rented out rooms near the college.

BOW= कमान (pr. {kaman} )(Noun)
Usage : He pointed the bow of the boat toward the finish line
APARTMENT= कमरा (pr. {kamara} )(Noun)
EARNING= कमाई (pr. {kamaI} )(Verb)
Usage : My earning per month is not sufficient for subsistence of my family
SWORD COVER= कमान (pr. {kaman} )(Noun)
INCOME= कमाई (pr. {kamaI} )(Noun)
COMMAND= कमान (pr. {kaman} )(Noun)
Usage : an admiral in command
LIVING ROOM= कमरा (pr. {kamara} )(Noun)
Usage : The flat has two living rooms and a store.
EARNINGS= कमाई (pr. {kamaI} )(Noun)
Usage : Susis earnings were good as a tutor.
HOUSEROOM= कमरा (pr. {kamara} )(Noun)
Usage : I wouldnt give that table houseroom
SPLINT= कमठी (pr. {kamaThi} )(Noun)
Usage : Doctors use splint for severe fractures.
PAY= कमाई (pr. {kamaI} )(Noun)
SELL= कमाई (pr. {kamaI} )(Noun)
Usage : it was a hard sell
VULNERABLE= कमजोर (pr. {kamajor} )(Adjective)
Usage : IT is a vulnerable bridge
WISH= कामना (pr. {kamana} )(Verb)
Usage : he got his wish
GAIN= कमाना (pr. {kamana} )(Verb)
PUNY= कमजोर (pr. {kamajor} )(Adjective)
EARN= कमाना (pr. {kamana} )(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : We must earn well to be comfortable.
YOUNG= कमसिन (pr. {kamasin} )(Noun)
Usage : rock music appeals to the young
WEAK= कमज़ोर (pr. {kamaJor} )(Adjective)
Usage : Weak minded do not take risks.
She has a weak heart.
His argument was weak.

TENDER= कमसिन (pr. {kamasin} )(Noun)
FRAIL= कमज़ोर (pr. {kamaJor} )(Adjective)
Usage : She has become very frail after her illness.

Definition of Kama

  • god of love and erotic desire; opposite of Mara

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