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Contribution Date Contributor Name English Word Hindi Word
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabeas projectब्यास परियोजना
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabeach masterपुलिनपाल
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabatterymanबैटरीमैन
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabattenबैटन
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabattenबत्ता
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabatchघान
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabatchटोली
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabasic trainingबुनियादी प्रशिक्षण
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabasic periodमूल अवधि
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabasic payमूल वेतन
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabasic industryआधारोद्योग
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabasic facमूल तथ्य
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabasic educationबुनियादी शिक्षा
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabase yearआधार वर्ष
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabase coinखोटा सिक्का
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarren landबंजर भूमि
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarrenअनुर्वर
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarred debtबाधित ऋण
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarred by timeकाल वर्जित
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarred by limitationपरिसीमा वर्जित
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarred by limitationकालातीत
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarrack officerबैरक अफ़सर
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarmanसाकी
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabare denialकोरा प्रत्याख्यान
14-01-2018Mohit Chaurasiyabarbed wireकँटीला तार

Showing 226 to 250 of 29823 (1193 Pages)

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