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Contribution Date Contributor Name English Word Hindi Word
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaministry of civil aviation and tourismनागर विमानन और पर्यटन मंत्रालय
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaministry of atomic energyपरमाणु ऊर्जा मंत्रालय
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaministry of agricultureकृषि मंत्रालय
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaministerial staffअनुसचिवीय कर्मचारी
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaministerialलिपिकवर्गीय
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaministerialअनुसचिवीय
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminister without portfolioमंत्रिमंडल
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminister without portfolioमंत्रालय
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminister of stateराज्यमंत्री
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminister envoyमंत्रीदूत
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamining projectखनन परियोजना
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamining officerखनन अधिकारी
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminimum wages inspectorन्यूनतम मजदूरी निरीक्षक
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminimum qualificationन्यूनतम योग्यता
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminimum priceन्यूनतम कीमत
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyaminiatureछोटा
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamineral and metal trading corporationखनिज और धातु व्यापार निगम
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamineral technology laboratoryखनिज शिल्पविज्ञान प्रयोगशाला
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamineral technologistखनिज शिल्प विज्ञानी
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamineral resourceखनिज संसाधन
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamineral development boardखनिज विकास बोर्ड
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamiller machinistघिसाई मशीन मिस्त्री
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamillenniumसहस्राब्दि
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamilkerदोहक
10-11-2017Mohit Chaurasiyamilkerदूध दहनेवाली औरत

Showing 26 to 50 of 27571 (1103 Pages)

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