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Contribution Date Contributor Name English Word Hindi Word
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrade unionश्रमिक संघ
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain starterगाड़ी प्रवर्तक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain recorderगाड़ी अभिलेखक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain lighting inspectorगा़ड़ी प्रकाशन निरीक्षक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain inspectorगाड़ी निरीक्षक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain indicator recorderगाड़ी संकेतक अभिलेखक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain examinerगाड़ी परीक्षक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain driverगाड़ी चालक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain despatcherगाड़ी प्रेषक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain controllerगाड़ी नियंत्रक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatrain clerkगाड़ी क्लर्क
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraffic signallerयातायात तार बाबू
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatranscribing machineप्रतिलेखित्र
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatranscriberप्रतिलेखक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatransaction of businessकारोबार का संचालन
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraitलक्षण
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining within industry centreअंतः उद्योग प्रशिक्षण केंद्र
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining periodप्रशिक्षण काल
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining officerप्रशिक्षण अधिकारी
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining of teachers in geographyभूगोल शिक्षक प्रशिक्षण
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining for teaching englishअंग्रेजी शिक्षण प्रशिक्षण
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining divisionप्रशिक्षण प्रभाग
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatraining centreप्रशिक्षण केंद्र
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatranshipment inspectorयानांतरण निरीक्षक
14-09-2017Mohit Chaurasiyatransferable goodsअन्तरणीय वस्तुएँ

Showing 101 to 125 of 24908 (997 Pages)

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