Words with silent ‘T’

Gourmet - गुर्मे

Ballet - बैले

Hasten - हेसन

Mortgage - मॉर्गज

Ricochet - रिकशे

Glisten - ग्लिसन

Apostle - अपासल

Chalet - शैले

Chestnut - चेस्नट

Thistle - थिसल

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Quotes by Guru Nanak Ji


  1. He who regards all men as equals is religious

धार्मिक वही है जो सभी लोगों का समान रूप से सम्मान करे


  1. The world is a drama, staged in a dream

दुनिया सपने में रचा हुआ एक ड्रामा है


  1. Speak only that which will bring you honor

 केवल वही बोलो जो आपको सम्मान दिलाये


  1. “Death would not be called bad, O people, if one knew how to truely die”

“प्रियजनों! मौत भी बुरी नहीं कहलायेगी, यदि व्यक्ति जानता हो कि सही मायने में कैसे मरते है”


  1. Women are equal to men

सभी स्त्री और पुरुष बराबर हैं

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The most misspelt words

These are the most misspelt words in English:

Common spelling - Correct spelling

Accomodate - Accommodate

Bizzare - Bizarre

Calender - Calendar

Carribean - Caribbean

Concious - Conscious

Dissapear - Disappear

Ecstacy - Ecstasy

Existance - Existence

Forseeable - Foreseeable

Harrass - Harass

Interupt - Interrupt

Noticable -Noticeable

Occurance – Occurrence

Posession - Possession

Publically - Publicly

Recieve- Receive

Wierd - Weird

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One Word Substitutions


A thing no longer in use – Obsolete

An exact copy – Facsimile

A post held without receiving salary – Honorary

A person’s peculiar habit – Idiosyncrasy

A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people’s opinions and suggestions - Impervious

A government by the rich – Plutocracy

A citizen of the world – Cosmopolite

A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy – Callous

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Name of cereal and grains

  1. Wheat - गेहूं
  2. Rice - चावल
  3. Corn or maize - मक्का
  4. Barley - जौ
  5. Sago - साबूदाना
  6. Pearl millet - बाजरा
  7. Finger millet - रागी
  8. Oat - जई
  9. Puffed rice - मुरमुरे
  10. Semolina - सूजी
  11. Sorghum - ज्वार
  12. Amaranth - चौलाई
  13. Buckwheat - कुट्टू
  14. Chia - सब्जा
  15. Bran - चोकर
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