Most Commonly Used Euphemisms - 2

  • Someone who is economical with the truth = a liar (झूठा इंसान)
  • Correctional facility = jail or prison (कारागार)
  • Adult beverage = liquor (मदिरा)
  • To spend a penny = an excuse to go the toilet (बाथरूम जाने के लिए एक polite excuse)
  • On the streets = homeless (बेघर)
  • Underprivileged, economically disadvantaged = poor (गरीब/निर्धन)
  • Over the hill = for someone who is above the age of 50 or 60 (बुढ़ापे की और बढ़ता हुआ व्यक्ति)
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Most Commonly Used Euphemisms - 1

• Always tired and emotional = a drunk person (हमेशा शराब के नशे में रहने वाला व्यक्ति)
• Someone who is between jobs = someone who is jobless (बेरोज़गार होना)
• Full-figured = an obese person (मोटा व्यक्ति)
• In the family way or expecting = to be pregnant (गर्भवती होना)
• Domestic help = house servant or maid (घर में काम करने वाला नौकर)
• Couch potato = lazy person (आलसी)
• Letting someone go = to fire someone (नौकरी से निकालना)


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Irregular Plural Nouns

English language में हर noun केवल अंत में -s या -es जोड़कर एकवचन से बहुवचन में नहीं बदला जा सकता।

Certain nouns follow different patterns:

Nouns ending in -f and -fe

knife - knives

life - lives

wife - wives

calf - calves

leaf - leaves

shelf - shelves

thief - thieves

loaf - loaves

elf - elves

half - halves

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UK Vs. USA Pronunciation


UK   = eye-ther (आइदर)

USA = ee-ther (ईदर)


UK   = hos-taa-il (होस्टाइल )

USA = hos-til (होस्टिल)


UK   = moh-bye-ul (मोबाइल)

USA = moh-bil (मोबिल)


UK   = vit-uh-min (विटमिन)

USA = vahy-tuh-min (वाइटमिन)


UK   = vaahs/ vaahz (वास/ वाज़)

USA = veys (वेस)


UK   = chaans (चांस)

USA = chayns (चैंस)


UK   = tuh-maa-toh (टमाटो)

USA = tuh–mey-toh (टमेटो)


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Quote of the week

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.

– Robert Frost

शिक्षा आपके गुस्से या आत्मविश्वास को खोये बिना लगभग कुछ भी सुनने की क्षमता है।

- रॉबर्ट फ्रॉस्ट


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