धोखा देना    
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = BETRAY(Verb)
Usage:Her smile betrayed her true feelings
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = DELUDE(Verb)
उदाहरण:Dont get deluded by the empty promises made by anybody.
Ram is trying to delude Sita.
राम सिता को धोखा देने की कोशिश कर रहा है.



धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = DECEIVE(TransitiveVerb)
उदाहरण:The insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house
Christmas is celebrated in the month of December.

Usage:The insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = SWINDLE(Verb)
Usage:Ram was swindled by the insurance company.
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = DOUBLE CROSS(Verb)
Usage:The project -dealer double -crossed the customers.
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = KID(Verb)
Usage:He kidded his friend that he is not well.
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = TRICK(Verb)
Usage:he played a trick on me
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = STITCH UP(Verb)
Usage:I was stitched up by my best friend.
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = BUBBLE(Verb)
Usage:he didnt want to burst the newcomers bubble
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = STAND UP(Verb)
Usage:He stood up for his friend
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = SHORT CHANGE(Verb)
Usage:He was short-changed in the shop.
The African slaves were short changed by the Britishers.
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = SELL SHORT(Verb)
Usage:Dont sell your students short--they are just shy and dont show off their knowledge
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = NOBBLE(Verb)
Usage:nobble the race horses
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = TAKE IN(Verb)
Usage:take in the sights
धोखा देना {dhokha dena} = COZEN(verb)
उदाहरण:यथाशीघ्र मुझे एहसास हुआ संभाव्यता उसकी प्यारी बहनों में से एक धोखा करने के लिए पैदा हो सकती है|
Usage:as soon as i realized the possibility might arise to cozen one of his sweet little sisters.

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