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EDIT<===> संपादन करना (pr. \\sanapadan karana\\ )[TransitiveVerb]
Usage:The teacher is editing the annual report.
EDITOR<===> सम्पादक (pr. \\sampadak\\ )[Noun]
Usage:The Editor of the Newstime was gheroed.


EDITOR<===> संपादक (pr. \\sanapadak\\ )[Noun]
EDITION<===> संस्करण (pr. \\sanaskaraN\\ )[Noun]
Usage:This is the first edition of the book.
The news was announced for the evening edition of the paper .

EDITION<===> भाग (pr. \\bhag\\ )[Noun]
EDITORIAL<===> सम्पादकीय लेख (pr. \\sampadakiy lekh\\ )[Noun]
Usage:Current topics are given in the editorials.
EDITORIAL<===> सम्पादकीय (pr. \\sampadakiy\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:He does the editiorial jobs for the press.
Meaning of EDIT in english:
  • prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting; "Edit a book on lexical semantics"; "she edited the letters of the politician so as to omit the most personal passages"
  • supervise the publication of; "The same family has been editing the influential newspaper for almost 100 years"
  • cut and assemble the components of; "edit film"; "cut recording tape"


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