KNOW= पता (pr. {pata} )(Noun)
Usage:he is always in the know
KNOW= पहचानना (pr. {pahachanana} )(Verb)


KNOW= जानना (pr. {janana} )(Verb)
Usage:I want to know who is winning the game.
I know that the President lied to the people.
She knows how to knit.
Galileo knew that the earth moves around the sun.
I know that I left the key on the table.
We know this movie.
His greed knew no limits.
This student knows her irregular verbs.
I know Latin.
Adam knew Eve.
The child knows right from wrong.
I know this voice.

KNOW= पता होना (pr. {pata hona} )(Verb)
KNOW= भेद करना (pr. {bhed karana} )(Verb)
KNOW= समझना (pr. {samajhana} )(Verb)


KNOWN= विदित (pr. {vidit} )(Verb)
Usage:He is a musician known throughout the world.
It is a known quantity of milk.
the limits of the known world

KNOWN= ज्ञात (pr. {jnyat} )(Verb)
Usage:a known quantity
KNOWN= ज्ञात होना (pr. {jnyat hona} )(Verb)
Usage:Bhagvat Gita is known to every one.
Now-a-days, computer is known to a common man.

KNOWN= जाना हुआ (pr. {jana huA} )(Verb)
Usage:He is a known criminal.
KNOWING= जानते हुये (pr. {janate huye} )(Verb)
Usage:Knowing all the facts I will not hold this against you.
KNOWING= जानना (pr. {janana} )(Verb)
Usage:There is a big difference in knowing and understanding.
KNOWING= जानकार (pr. {janakar} )(Noun)
Usage:He is a knowing collector of rare books.
It was a knowing attempt to defraud.
She gave me a knowing look when I mentioned about him.

KNOWING= भिज्ञ (pr. {bhijny} )(Noun)
KNOW HOW= ज्ञान{कैसे किया जाये इस बात का} (pr. {jnyan{kaise kiya jaye is bat ka}} )(Noun)
Usage:We are getting the know-how for this project from Germany.
KNOW HOW= अनुभव (pr. {anubhav} )(Noun)
KNOW ALL= सब कुछ जानने वाला (pr. {sab kuchh janane vala} )(Noun)
Usage:She professes to be a know-all in all such matters.
KNOW ALL= सर्वज्ञ (pr. {sarvajny} )(Noun)
KNOW HOW= जानकारी (pr. {janakari} )(Noun)
KNOWLEDGE= ज्ञान (pr. {jnyan} )(Noun)
Usage:Basic knowledge of mathematics is a must for all children.
KNOWLEDGE= जानकारी (pr. {janakari} )(Noun)
Usage:It was not in my knowledge that you are changing the job.
KNOWLEDGE= अवबोधन (pr. {avabodhan} )(Noun)
उदाहरण:सापेक्षता के सिद्धांत के अनुसार ग्रुत्वकर्षण बल एक अवबोधन मात्र है.

Definition of Know

  • the fact of being aware of information that is known to few people; "he is always in the know"
  • be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about; "I know that the President lied to the people"; "I want to know who is winning the game!"; "I know its time"
  • know how to do or perform something; "She knows how to knit"; "Does your husband know how to cook?"

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