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UNCERTAIN<===> अस्थिर (pr. \\asthir\\ )[Noun]
Usage:uncertain of his convictions
UNCERTAIN<===> अनिश्चित (pr. \\anishchit\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:The orphans seem to have an uncertain future.


UNCERTAINTY<===> अनिश्चय (pr. \\anishchay\\ )[Noun]
Usage:He was anxious about the uncertainity of outcome of the meeting.
UNCERTAINLY<===> लड़खड़ाता हुआ (pr. \\laDakhaDaata huA\\ )[Noun]
Usage:he paused uncertainly
UNCERTAINTY<===> अनिश्चितता (pr. \\anishchitata\\ )[Noun]
Usage:the uncertainty of the outcome
Meaning of UNCERTAIN in english:
  • lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance; "uncertain of his convictions"; "unsure of himself and his future"; "moving with uncertain (or unsure) steps"; "an uncertain smile"; "touched the ornaments with uncertain fingers"
  • not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown; "an uncertain future"; "a manuscript of uncertain origin"; "plans are still uncertain"; "changes of great if uncertain consequences"; "without further evidence his story must remain uncertain"
  • not established or confirmed; "his doom is as yet unsealed"


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