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खरा {khara} = CRISP(Noun)
उदाहरण : डिबग (खराबी दूर करें)
Usage : Her answer was crisp and clear.
crisp clear nights and frosty mornings
खरा {khara} = CANDID(Adjective)
Usage : I have never lacked candid critics in my own ranks


खरा {khara} = CURRENT(Noun)
Usage : for your own good
खरा {khara} = TRUE(Noun)
उदाहरण : खरा से बाहर
Usage : out of true
खरा {khara} = HONEST(Adjective)
Usage : Sushil Kumar is an honest man.
खरा {khara} = EXACT(Verb)
Usage : His idea was that he who would demand five hundred Mohurs, the exact amount of the offering vowed by him, must be the real Guru.
खरा {khara} = SQUARE(Noun)
Usage : you can compute the area of a square if you know the length of its sides
खरा {khara} = STERLING(Noun)
Usage : Rita collected much sterling silver jewellery for her marriage.
खरा {khara} = STRAIGHT(Adjective)
Usage : She went straight from her school to her house.
खरा {khara} = SINCERE(Adjective)
Usage : he was a good man, decent and sincere
खरा {khara} = PURE(Adjective)
Usage : pure air and water
खरा {khara} = JANNOCK(Adjective)


ख़राब {Khharab} = DISGUSTING(Verb)
Usage : - Get out, you disgusting sow. - Kongstrup has to pay his due. Kongstrup!
ख़राब {Khharab} = BAD(Adjective)
उदाहरण : Foreigners pronunciation of Hindi is mostly bad.
विदेशियों का हिंदी उच्चारण अधिकतर बुरा होता है.
Cricketers cant play if the light is bad.
यदि बत्ती खराब हो तो क्रिकेटर्स नहीं खेल सकतेहैं.

Usage : take the bad with the good
ख़राब {Khharab} = AWFUL(Adjective)
Usage : And the mountains will move away with an awful movement.
ख़राब {Khharab} = DEFECTIVE(Adjective)
Usage : The piece was found to be defective.
ख़राब {Khharab} = FAULTY(Adjective)
Usage : He submitted a faulty report.
ख़राब {Khharab} = DOWN(Adjective)
Usage : you have four downs to gain ten yards
ख़राब {Khharab} = DISMAL(Adjective)
Usage : Captain Virat Kohli posted an emotional message on social media after India's dismal defeat in the ongoing test series against England.
ख़राब {Khharab} = GHASTLY(Adjective)
Usage : Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi backed Pakistan Prime Minister’s statement regarding the ghastly Pulwama incident.
ख़राब {Khharab} = HORRIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : He said, 'As for the evildoer, him we shall chastise, then he shall be returned to his Lord and He shall chastise him with a horrible chastisement.
ख़राब {Khharab} = HELL(Noun)
Usage : the hell of battle
ख़राब {Khharab} = TERRIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : He saw a terrible accident.
ख़राब {Khharab} = OUT OF ORDER(Noun)
Usage : Lost packets:%. 1f%% Late packets:%. 1f%% Out of order packets:%. 1f%% Jitter buffer:% d ms% s% s% s
ख़राब {Khharab} = CRUEL(Adjective)
Usage : Hitler was a cruel man
ख़राब {Khharab} = ROTTEN(Adjective)
Usage : We should avoid eating rotten food.
खराद {kharad} = LATHE(Noun)
उदाहरण : खराद
Usage : Fifty - five firms were licensed to manufacture machine tools and lathes, drilling, shaping and planning machines, furnaces and power blowers.
ख़राब {Khharab} = AWKWARD(Adjective)
Usage : an awkward dancer
ख़राब {Khharab} = DEAD(Noun)
Usage : they buried the dead
ख़राब {Khharab} = HAYWIRE(Noun)
Usage : The borrower would have his commitments to its creditors, suppliers etc. and if these are not met his projections can go haywire.
ख़राब {Khharab} = DRY(Noun)
Usage : R66: Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking
ख़राब {Khharab} = DIRTY(Verb)
Usage : dont soil your clothes when you play outside!
ख़राब {Khharab} = SORRY(Adjective)
Usage : I am sorry that I could not pick you up.
ख़राब {Khharab} = DREADFUL(Adjective)
Usage : The sound of the bomb was extremely dreadful
The thought of accident itself was dreadful
ख़राब {Khharab} = ABOMINABLE(Adjective)
Usage : I hate her abominable behaviour.
ख़राब {Khharab} = LEMON(Noun)
उदाहरण : वह एक खराब साड़ी पहने हुए थी|
Usage : A lemon is a very sour yellow fruit.
ख़राब {Khharab} = ACCURSED(Verb)
Usage : The accursed neighbours of ours are sometimes kind to my mother.
ख़राब {Khharab} = BELOW(Adverb)
Usage : see below
ख़राब {Khharab} = POISON(Verb)
Usage : the poison of fascism
ख़राब {Khharab} = WRETCHED(Adjective)
Usage : He felt wretched the whole day.
ख़राब {Khharab} = NASTY(Adjective)
Usage : in a nasty mood
ख़राब {Khharab} = EVIL(Noun)
Usage : the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones
ख़राब {Khharab} = BUST(Noun)
Usage : they went on a bust that lasted three days
ख़राब {Khharab} = GRIM(Adjective)
उदाहरण : असम में बाढ़ की स्थिति अभी भी ख़राब बनी हुई है।
Usage : The future seems to be grim.
ख़राब {Khharab} = POISONOUS(Adjective)
Usage : Usually snakes are poisonous.
ख़राब {Khharab} = SHOCKING(Verb)
Usage : She went to see the shocking sight after the disastrous flood.

Definition of खरा

  • वि० [सं० खर=तीक्ष्ण] [स्त्री० खरी] १. जिसमें किसी प्रकार का खोट या मेल न हो। विशुद्ध। ‘खोटा’ का विपर्याय। जैसे– खरा दूध खरा सोना। २. लेन-देन व्यवहार में ईमानदार, सच्चा और शुद्ध हृदयवाला। जैसे–खरा आसामी। ३. सदा सब बातें सच और साफ कहनेवाला। जैसे–खरा आदमी। मुहावरा–(किसी को) खरी खरी सुनाना=सच्ची और साफ बात दृढ़तापूर्वक कहना। (किसी को) खरी खोटी सुनाना=ठीक या सच्ची बात बतलाते हुए किसी अनुचित आचरण या व्यवहार के लिए फटकारना। ४. जिसमें किसी प्रकार का छल-कपट न हो। जैसे– खरी बात, खरा व्यवहार। ५. बिलकुल ठीक और पूरा। उचित तथा उपयुक्त। जैसे–खरा काम, खरी मजदूरी। ६. (प्राप्य धन) जो मिल गया हो या जिसके मिलने में कोई संदेह न रह गया हो। मुहावरा–रुपये खरे होना=प्राप्य धन मिल जाना या उसके मिलने का निश्चय होना। जैसे– अब हमारे रुपये खरे हो गये। ७. (पदार्थ) जो झुकाने या मोड़ने से टूट जाए। ८. (पकवान) जो तलकर अच्छी तरह सेंक लिया गया हो। करारा। जैसे– खरी पूरी। खरा समोसा। अव्य० १. वस्तुतः। सचमुच। उदाहरण-ऊधौ खरिए जरी हरि के सूलन की। सूर। २. निश्चित रूप से। ठीक या पूरी तरह से। पुं० [सं० खर] तृण ।तिनका। (क्व)(यह शब्द केवल पद्य में प्रयुक्त हुआ है) मुहावरा–खरा सा= तिनका भर। बहुत थोड़ा या जरा सा। उदाहरण-चले मुदित मन डरु खरोसो।–तुलसी

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