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संकेत = CUE(Noun)
उदाहरण : --"2.बिलियर्ड~खेलने~का~डंडा"
He is striking the ball with the cue

Usage : Depth cueing
संकेत = WAVING(Noun)
Usage : Bitmap Flag Screen Saver Waving Flag Screen Saver for KDE Copyright (c) Ian Reinhart Geiser 2001
संकेत = SUGGESTION(Noun)
Usage : the picnic was her suggestion
संकेत = INTIMATION(Noun)
Usage : He left with a promise to reappear some day, but would give us no intimation as to the time, place, or circumstances. -
संकेत = ALLUSION(Noun)
Usage : This cross-border shelling is an allusion of war.
संकेत = PHEROMONE(Noun)
Usage : Pheromone is a substance produced by an animal as a chemical signal to attract other animal of the same species.
संकेत = SIGNAL(Noun)
Usage : signals from the boat suddenly stopped
संकेत = INDICATION(Noun)
Usage : an indication of foul play
संकेत = CLUE(Noun)
Usage : The police tried to solve the case with the help of little clue it had.
संकेत = MARK(Noun)
Usage : she made good marks in algebra
संकेत = TOKEN(Noun)
Usage : Ram gave Hari a book on birds as a token of appreciation for his help.
संकेत = TIPS(noun)
उदाहरण : अध्यापक ने परीक्षा पत्र सुलझाने हेतु हमें कुछ संकेत दिए।
Usage : The teacher gave us some tips for solving the paper.
संकेत = WAVE(Noun)
Usage : a wave of settlers
संकेत = GIVE AWAY(Verb)
Usage : Whatsoever you give away in alms or vow as offering, is all known to God; but the wicked will have none to help them.
संकेत = SHADOW(Noun)
Usage : The chair cast a shadow on the wall.
संकेत = COMMAND(Noun)
Usage : an admiral in command
संकेत = TRACE(Noun)
Usage : he speaks French with a trace of an accent
संकेत = CHARACTER(Noun)
Usage : education has for its object the formation of character
संकेत = SYMBOL(Noun)
Usage : the eagle is a symbol of the United States
संकेत = POINTER(Noun)
Usage : Our history teacher used a pointer to show the world map clearly to us
संकेत = INKLING(Noun)
Usage : ISC topper Sakshi Pradyumn said he had no inkling that PM Modi would tweet his email.
संकेत = BREATH(Noun)
Usage : He took a deep breath and dived into the pool
His sour breath offended her
संकेत = CUES(Noun)
Usage : Taking cues from characters from Ramayana one can mold one 's life far better.
संकेत = RASPBERRY(Noun)
Usage : She likes rasberry jam.
संकेत = CODE(Noun)
Usage : The Intelligence agency sends messages in codes.
संकेत = SIGN(Verb)
Usage : he showed signs of strain
संकेत = CUE (I.&B.)(Noun)
Usage : The actor missed his cue and entered the stage too early.
संकेत = I. SIGNAL(Noun)
Usage : Please give me a signal when it's safe to cross the street.
Usage : The tracing section of the book helps students understand the historical context.
संकेत = TIP OFF(Noun)
Usage : The informant decided to tip off the police about the upcoming robbery.
संकेत = KEY(adjective)
Usage : Consistency is key
संकेत = IDEOGRAPH(Noun)
Usage : CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A
संकेत = TRACING(Verb)
Usage : The students did the tracing of the pictures.
संकेत = TIP(Noun)
Usage : he got a tip on the stock market
संकेत = REFERENCE(Noun)
Usage : the extension of `satellite of Mars is the set containing only Demos and Phobos
संकेत = SIGNATURE(Noun)
Usage : Signatures are essential on a cheque.
संकेत = MESSAGE(Verb)
Usage : You have a new message .
संकेत = SEMIOTIC(Adjective)
Usage : semiotic analysis
संकेत = POINT(Noun)
Usage : The workman pushed the point to put the train on the other track

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