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आच्छादित = COVERED(Verb)
उदाहरण : विंडो पर आच्छादित होने पर स्केल मोड के खत्म होने के पहले समय (ms में)
Usage : him se aacchadit parvat.
आच्छादित = OVERCAST(Noun)
Usage : Weather: Overcast
आच्छादित = DRAPED(Verb)
Usage : The biggest problem lay in managing the floor - length pleats and the “pallu ” draped over the shoulder.
आच्छादित = CLOAKED(Verb)
Usage : O the Cloaked One! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him)
आच्छादित = OVERGROWN(Verb)
Usage : It consisted of an old, deserted bungalow with a big compound with tall trees but overgrown with shrubs.
आच्छादित = MANTLED(Verb)
Usage : With its centuries - old great fortress monastery against the dramatic setting of the snow - mantled peak.
आच्छादित = SHADED(Verb)
Usage : shaded avenues
आच्छादित = WREATHE(Verb)
Usage : The sky is wreathed with clouds.
आच्छादित = SHEATHED(Verb)
Usage : his sheathed sword
आच्छादित = CLOTHED(Verb)
Usage : clothed and in his right mind
आच्छादित = WRAPPED(Verb)
Usage : gaily wrapped gifts
आच्छादित = ADUMBRATED(Verb)
Usage : I have seen in the daily press criticism of the proposals I have adumbrated.
आच्छादित करना = CLADDING(Verb)
उदाहरण : पूरी तरह से आच्छादित करना।
Usage : The vehicles had metal cladding.
आच्छादित करना = STREW(Verb)
Usage : Mother scolded the kids when they strew the paper on the floor.
आच्छादित करना = VEIL(Verb)
Usage : The lady covered her face with a veil
आच्छादित करना = MANTLE(Verb)
Usage : place the mantle of authority on younger shoulders
आच्छादित करना = FACE(Verb)
Usage : Her face is so beautiful .
आच्छादित करना = SHEATHE(Verb)
Usage : sheathe her face
आच्छादित करना = WRAP(Verb)
Usage : Line wrap
आच्छादित करना = ENVELOP(Verb)
उदाहरण : कोहरे ने घर को आच्छादित कर दिया |
Usage : Smoke enveloped the entire building.
आच्छादित करना = ENCLOSE(Verb)
Usage : I enclose the two plans for comparison.
आच्छादित करना = ENWRAP(Verb)
Usage : But Beloved Ranjha was playing in the enwrapped sheet.
आच्छादित करना = ENFOLD(Verb)
Usage : And they say: "Our hearts are enfolded in covers." In fact God has cursed them for their unbelief; and only a little do they believe.
आच्छादित करना = SHADE(Verb)
Usage : it is much cooler in the shade
आच्छादित करना = SCARF(Noun)
Usage : Do you wear a scarf when you go out in the snow .
आच्छादित करना = SHADOW(Noun)
Usage : The chair cast a shadow on the wall.
आच्छादित मार्ग = ARCADE(Noun)
उदाहरण : आच्छादित मार्ग
Usage : Now a days many Indian cities find it convenient to build shopping arcades.
आच्छादित करना/ढाँकना = COVER(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : She is covering for our secretary who is ill.
आच्छादित प्रवेश द्वार = MARQUEE(Noun)
Usage : At Sav in front of Tipnis' s house people erected a beautifully decorated marquee, where people flocked to see him till late in the night.

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