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सिद्धांत = PRINCIPLE(Noun)
उदाहरण : महात्मा गांधी अपने महान सिद्धांतों के लिए जाने जाते थे।
Usage : their principles of composition characterized all their works
सिद्धांत = DOCTRINE(Noun)
Usage : Former PM Inder Kumar Gujral was remembered for his doctrines on his 100 birth anniversary.
सिद्धांत = TENET(Noun)
उदाहरण : जारी रखो... इसने लोगों को बहकाया है...... बेईमानी, घृणित सिद्धांत सिखाये हैं.
Usage : The basic tenet of Buddhism was non-violence.
सिद्धांत = CAUSE(Noun)
Usage : We want to cause the other side.
सिद्धांत = PHILOSOPHY(Noun)
Usage : Hindu Philosophy is very ancient
सिद्धांत = GOSPEL(Noun)
Usage : his word was gospel
सिद्धांत = THEORY(Noun)
Usage : theories can incorporate facts and laws and tested hypotheses
सिद्धांत = FORMULA(Noun)
Usage : There is a formula to solve this problem.
सिद्धांत = LAW(Noun)
Usage : civilization presupposes respect for the law
सिद्धांत = THEOREM(Noun)
Usage : The teacher taught a new theorem in Geometry.
सिद्धांत = CONCEPT(Noun)
Usage : Thus, as the present concept evolves, diabetes is not a single disease but a syndrome.
सिद्धांत = OPERATION(Noun)
Usage : that rule is no longer in operation
सिद्धांत = SHIBBOLETH(Noun)
Usage : Sometimes contradiction occurs between me and my father because of his stickness to shibboleths.
सिद्धांत = SYSTEM(Noun)
Usage : One must accept the traditional system.
सिद्धांत = THEORY-LADEN(Noun)
Usage : Scientists must be cautious of drawing conclusions from theory-laden data.
सिद्धांत = PRINCIPAL(Noun)
Usage : The principal acknowledged our work.
सिद्धांत = ISM(Noun)
Usage : And Ismael (Ishmael) and Yasa’a (Elisha) and Yunus (Jonah) and Lut (Lot); and to each one during their times, We gave excellence over all others.
सिद्धांत = IDEA(Noun)
Usage : it was not a good idea
सिद्धांत = MOTTO(Noun)
Usage : `Live each day as it comes. Thats my motto.
सिद्धांत = MAXIM(Noun)
Usage : `Where there is a will there is a way is a maxim.
सिद्धांत = OUTLINES(Noun)
Usage : The outlines of the building were clearly visible against the night sky.
सिद्धांत = SCHOOL OF THOUGHT(Noun phrase)
Usage : There is not only one school of thoughts which is compulsory for all Hindus to believe.
सिद्धांत = DOGMAS AND NOTIONS(Noun)
Usage : She held on tightly to her dogmas and notions, refusing to consider any other perspectives.
सिद्धांतों = THEORIES(Noun)
उदाहरण : शिया इस्लाम में थोड़े अलग सिद्धांतों को स्तम्भ कहा जाता है।
Usage : A number of scientists have proposed theories or the possible reasons for aging.
सिद्धांतों = DOGMAS(Noun)
Usage : 'Towards his own religion Gandhi was even more adamant in his rejection of many of its dogmas.
सिद्धांततः = IN PRESENCE OF(adverb)
उदाहरण : मान्यवर, मैं सिद्धांततः इस बात का विरोधी हूं कि आर्डिनेन्स लाया जाय.
Usage : Muslim believe in presence of angel (in arabi known as Malika)
सिद्धांततः = THEORETICALLY(Adverb)
Usage : on paper the candidate seems promising
सिद्धांत/मत = DOGMA(Noun)
Usage : He believed all the Marxist dogma
सिद्धांतकार = THEORIZER(Noun)
उदाहरण : टॉमस पेन (१७३७-१८०९), लेखक एवं राजनीतिक सिद्धांतकार
सिद्धांतहीन = UNPRINCIPLED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : आज की संसद एक पतनशील , सिद्धांतहीन , भ्रष्ट और यथास्थितिवादी राजनीति की उपज है।
Usage : freedom from coarse unprincipled calumny
सिद्धांतहीन = MACHIAVEL(Noun)
Usage : She is known for her machiavellian tactics in office politics.
सिद्धांतकार = THEORETICIAN(Noun)
Usage : Isaac Newton was a theoretician.
सिद्धांतकार = THEORIST(Noun)
Usage : We must attack problems from three sides by uniting the expertise of persons representing society, practicing teachers, and educational theorists.
सिद्धांतवादी = PRINCIPLED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : हमें समस्याओं को समाज के प्रतिनिधि, शिक्षाकर्मी और शैक्षिक सिद्धांतवादी की विशेषज्ञताओं के त्रिशूल से बेधना चाहिए।
Usage : principled pragmatism and unprincipled expediency
सिद्धांतत्याग = APOSTASY(Noun)
Usage : Salman Rushdie was accused of apostasy and blasphemy.

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