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दुर्बल = FEEBLE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : गुप्त, दुर्बल
Usage : He has very feeble health.
दुर्बल = IMPAIRED(Verb)
Usage : impaired eyesight
दुर्बल = FRAIL(Adjective)
Usage : She has become very frail after her illness.
दुर्बल = FRAGILE(Adjective)
Usage : Dishes made of bone china are fragile.
दुर्बल = EFFETE(Adjective)
Usage : The effete government lost power due to corruption and misrule.
दुर्बल = WISPY(Adjective)
Usage : "O'...'maya' so illusive Wispy cloud elusive?"
दुर्बल = SLIM(Verb)
Usage : Today girls dream for slim and trim figure.
दुर्बल = SVELTE(Adjective)
Usage : She has svelte body.
दुर्बल = DEBILITATED(Verb)
Usage : He arrived home severely debilitated and almost immediately was admitted to the local hospital .
दुर्बल = ASTHENIC(Adjective)
दुर्बल = EMACIATED(Verb)
Usage : She looks emanciated.
दुर्बल = WEAK(Adjective)
Usage : a weak pillar
दुर्बल = SICKLY(Adjective)
Usage : Ram looked week and gave a sickly smile.
दुर्बल = SPINDLY(Adjective)
Usage : The cables holding up the suspension bridge look rather spindly at a distance .
दुर्बल = ECTOMORPH(noun)
Usage : He is a tall and slender ectomorph with a fast metabolism.
दुर्बलता = IMPAIRMENT(noun)
उदाहरण : दुर्बलता
Usage : none of them were apparently suffering from any disease or health impairment .
दुर्बलता = ENERVATION(noun)
उदाहरण : रास्ते में दुर्बलता और चिन्ता के कारण उनको मूर्छा भी आ जाती थी|
Usage : The occulomotor nerve is responsible for motor enervation of upper eyelid muscle.
दुर्बलता = INFIRMITY(Noun)
Usage : aggravate disease or infirmity
दुर्बलता = FEEBLENESS(Noun)
Usage : a shrill yet sweet tenuity of voice
डुर्बलता = FAULT(Noun)
Usage : they built it right over a geological fault
दुर्बलता = EFFETENESS(Noun)
Usage : The effeteness of the yoga class left everyone feeling relaxed and peaceful.
दुर्बलता = DEBILITY(Noun)
Usage : Neurasthenic represents a person suffering from nervous debility.
दुर्बलता = CACHEXIA(Noun)
Usage : His body was cachexia.
दुर्बलता = INFIRMARY(Noun)
Usage : Inpatient care is at Monsall Hospital, Withington Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary.
दुर्बलता = DELICACY(Noun)
Usage : Ice-Cream is a delicacy for children.
Crabs are a delicacy in this region.
दुर्बलता = MISGOVERNMENT(Noun)
Usage : The country is suffering from misgovernment, causing leaders to bear many hardships.
दुर्बलता = EMACIATION(noun)
Usage : progressive emaciation occurring in young children due to protein - energy malnutrition

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