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केंद्र = HUB(Noun)
उदाहरण : केंद्रीय यूरोप _ BAR _
Usage : the playground is the hub of parental supervision
केंद्र = CENTRE(Noun)
Usage : At the still centre in the proximity of the King all - powerful.
केंद्र = CENTER(Noun)
Usage : it is in the center of town
केंद्र = COLLEGE(Noun)
Usage : i am going to college.
केंद्र = CENTRAL(Noun)
Usage : The constitutional head of the Central Government is the President.
केंद्र = STATION(Noun)
Usage : he started looking for a gas station
केंद्र = NUCLEUS(Noun)
Usage : The neucleus of this atom is unstable.
केंद्र = KEY AREA/STATION(Noun)
Usage : The security guard stationed at the key area ensures only authorized personnel enter.
केंद्र = FOCUS(Noun)
Usage : the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology
केंद्र = EXCHANGE(Noun)
Usage : they had a bitter exchange
केंद्र = GANGLION(Noun)
Usage : anal ganglion
केंद्र = CENTRUM(noun)
Usage : Odontoid process is formed from the centrum of the atlas which has become detached and fused to the axis.
केंद्र = CENTRE-FIRE(Noun)
Usage : Make sure to use centre-fire ammunition for your rifle.
केंद्रज = NUCLEAL(Adjective)
उदाहरण : कोशिका का केंद्रज क्षेत्र वहाँ है जहां आनुवांशिक सामग्री पाई जाती है।
Usage : The nucleal region of the cell is where the genetic material is found.
केंद्रित = FOCUSED(adjective)
उदाहरण : यह किताब किसी व्यक्ति विशेष पर केंद्रित नहीं है|
Usage : more than one focused widget
केंद्रीय = CENTRIC(adjective)
Usage : This helped us build a very ethical and very highly patient - centric organization
केंद्रीय = PIVOTAL(Adjective)
Usage : He is the pivotal character in the play.
केंद्रीय = CENTRAL AXIS(Noun)
Usage : The central axis of the city runs through the main street.
केंद्रित = FOCUSSED(Adjective)
Usage : As he regained consciousness, his eyes slowly got focussed on his friend standing in the room.
केंद्रकीय = NUCLEAR PORE(Noun)
उदाहरण : केंद्रक साधारणतया गोल होता है, जो केंद्रकीय झिल्ली से घिरा होता है।
Usage : The nuclear pore allows for the passage of molecules in and out of the cell nucleus.
केंद्रवाद = CENTRALISM(Noun)
उदाहरण : 1959 में नासिर के केंद्रवाद पर आपत्ति ज़ाहिर करते हुए, तीन दक्षिणी प्रवाल द्वीपों के निवासियों ने सरकार के खिलाफ विरोध किया.
Usage : The government's centralism led to limited decision-making power for regional authorities.
केंद्रकीय = CHROMOSOMAL(noun)
Usage : A tetrad chromosomal structure was observed during the process of meiosis.
केंद्रकीय = NUCLEAR(Adjective)
Usage : nuclear war
केंद्रकीय = NUCLEOLAR(Noun)
Usage : The nucleolar region of the cell is responsible for ribosome production.

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