Hyphenated Phrases

AD-LIB: तैयारी के बिना (impromptu, without preparation)

CAST-OFF: नाकाबिल, अयोग्य (no longer wanted; abandoned or discarded)

BLUE-CHIP: मूल्यवान (valuable, excellent)

CUL-DE-SAC: आखिरी सिरा (dead-end; a street or passage closed at one end)

PELL-MELL: तितर-बितर (recklessly hasty or disorganized)

RANK-AND-FILE: आम जनता (common people)

HARD-LINER: कट्टर/ आदर्श, समझौता का विरोधी (unyielding, sticking to one's principles)

DERRING-DO: शूरता, जान पर खेल जाने की हिम्‍मत (action displaying heroic courage)

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