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मूलभूत = INTRINSIC(Adjective)
उदाहरण : मसूरी के पर्यटन स्थलों में मूलभूत सुविधाएं तक नहीं है।
Usage : The Supreme Court has ruled that right to privacy is a fundamental right, it is intrinsic to right to life.
मूलभूत = UNDERLYING(Verb)
उदाहरण : इन गुफा मंदिरों में मूलभूत रूप से चट्टान में तराशा हुआ एक मंडप, पीछे की और एक या अधिक, प्राय: मंदिर कक्षों से युक़्त हैं.
Usage : The width of the underlying wayland surface
मूलभूत = BASIC(Adjective)
Usage : First you should have the basic knowledge of computer.
मूलभूत = ESSENTIAL(Noun)
Usage : These cave - temples essentially consist of a rock - cut hall, or mandapa, with one or more, often three, shrine - cells behind.
मूलभूत = FUNDAMENTAL(Noun)
उदाहरण : मूलभूत जीयूआई अनुप्रयोग पहुंचनीयता का परीक्षण करता है
Usage : fundamentals include a companys growth, revenues, earnings, management, and capital structure
मूलभूत = BOTTOM(Noun)
Usage : they started at the bottom of the hill
मूलभूत = RUDIMENTARY(Adjective)
Usage : I have only a rudimentary knowledge of French.
In india there are villages with rudimentary sanitation.
Some dinosaurs had only rudimentary teeth.
मूलभूत = ORGANIC(Noun)
Usage : Use of organic manure enhances quality and fertility of the land.
मूलभूत = SUBSTANTIVE(Adjective)
Usage : Give substantive ideas regarding our business.
मूलभूत = GRASSROOTS(noun)
उदाहरण : पूरे अभियान को मूलभूत से आयोजित किया जाएगा|
Usage : the whole campaign would be conducted at the grassroots.
मूलभूत = UNDERIVED(Adjective)


मूलभूत, = INFRA(Adverb)
Usage : Tell them about the prescribed infra structure.
मूलभूत अंग = BUILDING BLOCK(Noun)
उदाहरण : कि ब्रम्हांड के मूलभूत अंग क्या हैं।
मूलभूत विधि = FUNDAMENTAL LAW(Noun)
Usage : the fundamental law of any phenomenon
मूलभूत तत्व = BASICS(Noun)
Usage : According to Ayurveda, the human body is composed of four basics - the dosha, dhatu, mala and agni.
मूलभूत रूप से = ULTIMATELY(Adverb)
उदाहरण : / part [] []: चैट रुम वर्तमान में मूलभूत रूप से, छोड़ दें
Usage : ultimately he had to give in
मूलभूत प्रमेय = FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM(Noun)
उदाहरण : अङ्कगणित का मूलभूत प्रमेय
मूलभूत उद्योग = BASIC INDUSTRY(adjective)
Usage : While coal was a solitary example of basic industry, there was no capital goods industry as such.
मूलभूत सिद्धांत = FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE(Noun)
उदाहरण : मूलभूत सिद्धांत का निर्णय अभी भी बाकी है।
Usage : The fundamental principle decision to leave still stands.

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मूलभूत (Mulabhut) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is INTRINSIC (मूलभूत ka matlab english me INTRINSIC hai). Get meaning and translation of Mulabhut in English language with grammar, synonyms and antonyms by ShabdKhoj. Know the answer of question : what is meaning of Mulabhut in English? मूलभूत (Mulabhut) ka matalab Angrezi me kya hai ( मूलभूत का अंग्रेजी में मतलब, इंग्लिश में अर्थ जाने)

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Meaning Summary

मूलभूत के इंग्लिश मीनिंग: intrinsic, underlying, basic, essential, fundamental, bottom, rudimentary, organic, substantive, grassroots, underived