आज का शब्द (28 Apr '17)

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सही अंग्रेज़ी बोलिए

Verbs followed only by Infinitives

refuse - I refuse to cooperate.

[Wrong: refuse cooperating]

seem - It seems to be broken.

[Wrong: seems broking]

swear - He swore to take revenge.

[Wrong: swore revenging]

tend - These plants tend to grow slowly.

[Wrong: tend growing]

threaten - He has threatened to hurt us.

[Wrong: threatened hurting]

undertake - She undertook to design the new collection.

[Wrong: undertook designing]

want - I want to speak with you in private.

[Wrong: want speaking]

wish - I wish to change my address.

[Wrong: wish changing]

would like - I would like to add something before we continue.

[Wrong: would like adding]

yearn - She yearns to go free.

[Wrong: yearns going]

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