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About ShabdKhoj (शब्दखोज)

ShabdKhoj (शब्दखोज) is a brand of HinKhoj (हिंखोज) which provides freely available online Hindi word list with lakhs of hindi words and translation.You can use hindi english ShabdKhoj on your phone and computer. It helps native Hindi speakers to learn English through Hindi. ShabdKhoj is loaded with lakhs of Hindi language words and provides you with every possible meaning of a single word. This tool is not limited to just words and their meanings,but has a number of unique features such as fun learning games, Hindi spell checker, pronunciation tools and a lot more. Our phonetic Hindi keyboard is easy to use and gives accurate translations which makes it a very useful tool for the users who want to type in Hindi.

We send out tips frequently to enhance the knowledge of our users beyond the typical word meaning.Furthermore, ShabdKhoj contains a number of idioms, phrases, synonyms, antonym sand much more. We update the ShabdKhoj every day and welcome the user feedbacks with utmost sincerity. We provide an easy and complete English learning experience for our native Hindi language speakers. Users are highly encouraged to add new words so that we can enhance the scope of this service and help fellow users. People also find us by other names like Hindi Khoj/HindiKhoj (हिंदी खोज), HindKhoj / Hind Khoj (हिन्द खोज) , Shabd Khoj ( शब्द खोज) etc.

शब्दखोज हिन्दी भाषा के लाखों शब्दों के साथ भरी हुई है और हर एक शब्द के संभव अर्थ आपको बताती है । इसे आप हिंदी इंग्लिश मीनिंग अनुवाद के लिए आसानी और मुफ़्त में प्रयोग कर सकते हो

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