PROJECT= परियोजना (pr. {pariyojana} )(Verb)
उदाहरण : नर्मदा परियोजना पर कार्य करना
PROJECT= परियोजना करना (pr. {pariyojana karana} )(Verb)
Usage : A projected drain improvement scheme is being implimented in our colony.


PROJECT= प्रकल्प (pr. {prakalp} )(Noun)
PROJECT= योजना (pr. {yojana} )(Verb)
Usage : A research project is being taken by the investigators.
PROJECT= योजना बनाना (pr. {yojana banana} )(Verb)
PROJECT= मंसूबा (pr. {manasuba} )(Verb)
उदाहरण : हम उनका मंसूबा कभी सफल नहीं होने देंगे !
PROJECT= बहिर्विष्ट होना (pr. {bahirviShT hona} )(Verb)
Usage : I saw a projecting beam in the lab.
PROJECT= फेंकना (pr. {phenakana} )(Verb)
PROJECT= डालना (pr. {Dalana} )(Verb)
Usage : Colour shades were projected on the dias.


PROJECTOR= प्रोजेक्टर (pr. {projekTar} )(Noun)
PROJECTED= प्रस्तावित (pr. {prastavit} )(Verb)
PROJECTOR= प्रक्षेपक (pr. {prakShepak} )(Noun)
Usage : The projector got strucked in the middle of the movie.
PROJECTION= चित्र प्रदर्शन (pr. {chitr pradarshan} )(Noun)
Usage : our ukuleles have been designed to have superior sound and projection
PROJECTION= प्रक्षेप (pr. {prakShep} )(Noun)
Usage : Our future projection is to get more money in our business.
PROJECTION= मानसिक कल्पना (pr. {manasik kalpana} )(Verb)
PROJECTION= झुकाव (pr. {jhukav} )(Noun)
PROJECTILE= अस्त्र (pr. {astr} )(Noun)
Usage : The enemy fired projectiles at the army base.
PROJECTILE= तोप का गोला (pr. {top ka gola} )(Noun)
PROJECTION= प्रक्षेपण (pr. {prakShepaN} )(Noun)
PROJECTION= उठा हुआ भाग (pr. {uTha huA bhag} )(Noun)
PROJECT INTO= लेना (pr. {lena} )(Verb)
PROJECTIONIST= प्रक्षेपक/प्राजेक्षनिस्ट (pr. {prakShepak/prajekShanisT} )(Noun)
Usage : In our business, he is the best projectionist.
PROJECTIONIST= प्रक्षेपणकर्ता (pr. {prakShepaNakarta} )(Noun)
PROJECTION SCREEN= प्रक्षेपण पटल (pr. {prakShepaN paTal} )(noun)

Definition of Project

  • any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"
  • a planned undertaking
  • communicate vividly; "He projected his feelings"

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