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RATHER= बल्कि (pr. {balki} )(Adverb)
Usage : rather than disappoint the children, he did two quick tricks before he left
RATHER= अधिक (pr. {adhik} )(Adverb)
Usage : This science book is rather too easy for class seven.


RATHER= अपेक्षाकृत (pr. {apekShakaRat} )(Adverb)
RATHER= तुलनात्मक अर्थ मे (pr. {tulanatmak arth me} )(Adverb)
Usage : My bat is rather more expensive than his.
RATHER= निश्चय ही (pr. {nishchay hi} )(Adverb)
RATHER= उल्टे (pr. {ulTe} )(Adverb)
RATHER= अधिक उचित रूप से (pr. {adhik uchit rup se} )(Adverb)
Usage : I will resign rather than take part in such an unfair deed.
RATHER= कुछ (pr. {kuchh} )(Adverb)
RATHER= वस्तुतः (pr. {vastuta:} )(Adverb)
RATHER= उचित समय तक (pr. {uchit samay tak} )(Adverb)
Usage : Its rather a shame that she missed the concert.
RATHER= निःसन्देह (pr. {ni:asandeh} )(Adverb)
RATHER= कुछ हद तक (pr. {kuchh had tak} )(Adverb)
RATHER= यथेच्छ (pr. {yathechchh} )(Adverb)


RATHERTHAN= के बजाय (pr. {ke bajay} )(Noun)
RATHER THAN= इसके बजाय (pr. {isake bajay} )(Preposition)
Usage : I think Ill have a coffee rather than cold drink.
RATHER THAN= के बदले (pr. {ke badale} )(Noun)
RATHER THAN= से ज्यादा (pr. {se jyada} )(Noun)
RATHER THAN ME= मैं नहीं बल्कि (pr. {main nahin balki} )(Noun)

Definition of Rather

  • on the contrary; "rather than disappoint the children, he did two quick tricks before he left"; "he didnt call; rather (or instead), he wrote her a letter"; "used English terms instead of Latin ones"
  • to some (great or small) extent; "it was rather cold"; "the party was rather nice"; "the knife is rather dull"; "I rather regret that I cannot attend"; "Hes rather good at playing the cello"; "he is kind of shy"
  • more readily or willingly; "clean it well, preferably with warm water"; "Id rather be in Philadelphia"; "Id sooner die than give up"

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