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TENSION= फिक्र (pr. {phikr} )(Noun)
Usage : he suffered from fatigue and emotional tension
TENSION= तनाव (pr. {tanav} )(Noun)
Usage : There was tension in the area after the riots. .


TENSION= मानसिक तनाव (pr. {manasik tanav} )(Noun)
TENSION= विद्युत् शक्ति (pr. {vidyut shakti} )(Noun)
Usage : Watch out for tension cables.
TENSION= खतराअ (pr. {khataraa} )(Noun)
TENSION= तनावग्रस्त (pr. {tanavagrast} )(Noun)
TENSION= तानना (pr. {tanana} )(Verb)
TENSION= दबाव (pr. {dabav} )(Noun)
Usage : There is tension on my leg muscles.
TENSION= खींचाव (pr. {khinachav} )(Noun)

Definition of Tension

  • feelings of hostility that are not manifest; "he could sense her latent hostility to him"; "the diplomats first concern was to reduce international tensions"
  • (psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense; "he suffered from fatigue and emotional tension"; "stress is a vasoconstrictor"
  • the physical condition of being stretched or strained; "it places great tension on the leg muscles"; "he could feel the tenseness of her body"

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