ANT= चींटी (pr. {chinaTi} )(Noun)
Usage:Ants always walk in a line.


ANTI= के विरोधी (pr. {ke virodhi} )(Noun)
Usage:the antis smelled victory after a long battle


ANTE= पूर्व (pr. {purv} )(Preferences)
Usage:`ante is a prefix in the word `anteroom.
ANTI= विरोधी/प्रतिरोध (pr. {virodhi/pratirodh} )(Noun)
Usage:Its an anti dowry campaign.?
ANTSY= परेशान होना (pr. {pareshan hona} )(adjective)
Usage:the children had ants in their pants, so we took them outside for some exercise.
ANTSY= उत्तेजित (pr. {uttejit} )(adjective)
Usage:shivam was in antsy mood because of his exam.
ANTHEM= भजन (pr. {bhajan} )(Noun)
Usage:Our national anthem is written by Ravindranath Tagore.
ANTHEM= गान (pr. {gan} )(Noun)
ANTLER= बारहसिंगे की सींग की एक शाखा (pr. {barahasinage ki sinag ki ek shakha} )(Noun)
Usage:The hunter took pride in displaying an antler in his drawing room.
ANTONYM= विलोम (pr. {vilom} )(Noun)
Usage:to him the antonym of `gay was `depressed
ANTONYM= विलोभ (pr. {vilobh} )(Noun)
Usage:The asked the students to write the antonyms of the given words.
ANTIGEN= प्रतिजन (pr. {pratijan} )(Noun)
Usage:The body usu produces antibodies to fight against antigens.
ANTIQUE= प्राचीन (pr. {prachin} )(Noun)
ANTIQUE= पुराना/पुरातन (pr. {purana/puratan} )(Noun)
Usage:She is very fond of antique jewelleries.
ANTHILL= बांबी (pr. {banabi} )(Noun)
ANTHILL= बाम्बी (pr. {bambi} )(Noun)
Usage:Anthills are formed by ants.
ANTHRAX= गिलटी रोग (pr. {gilaTi rog} )(Noun)
Usage:Anthrax is a serious disease affecting sheep,cattle.
ANTENNA= ऐंटिना (pr. {ainaTina} )(Verb)
Usage:he had a special antenna for public relations
ANTIQUE= पुरानी चीजे (pr. {purani chije} )(Noun)
Usage:Her hobby is to collect antiques.
ANTELOPE= हिरन (pr. {hiran} )(Noun)
Usage:An antelope was found in the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas.
ANTIDOTE= विष नाशक (pr. {viSh nashak} )(Noun)
Usage:There is a no antidote for cobras poison.
ANTIBODY= रोगप्रतिकारक. (pr. {rogapratikarak.} )(Noun)
Usage:Antibody is a substance formed in the blood to fight against disease.
ANTIDOTE= विषहर (pr. {viShahar} )(Noun)
ANTIMONY= सुरमा (pr. {surama} )(Noun)
ANTEDATE= पूर्व दिनाकितकरना (pr. {purv dinakitakarana} )(Verb)
Usage:You have to put this paper on an antedate because today is a holiday.
ANTILOGY= विरोधाभास (pr. {virodhabhas} )(Noun)
Usage:contradiction in ideas
ANTIMONY= अंजन/सुरमा (pr. {anajan/surama} )(Noun)
Usage:Antimony is used in making alloys.

Definition of Ant

  • social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers

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