Meaning of EXTENSIVE in Hindi - Translation and Definition.

EXTENSIVE<===> बहुत बड़ा (pr. \\bahut baDaa\\ )[Noun]
Usage:producing wheat under extensive conditions
EXTENSIVE<===> व्यापक (pr. \\vyapak\\ )[Noun]


EXTENSIVE<===> विस्तृत (pr. \\vistaRat\\ )[Adjective]
EXTENSIVE<===> बड़ा/व्यापक (pr. \\baDDa/vyapak\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:We made an extensive use of the public library.
EXTENSIVE<===> विस्तीर्ण (pr. \\vistirN\\ )[Adjective]
EXTENSIVELY<===> व्यापक रूप से (pr. \\vyapak rup se\\ )[Adverb]
Usage:We used the public library extensively.
EXTENSIVELY<===> बहुत विस्तृत रूप से (pr. \\bahut vistaRat rup se\\ )[Adverb]
Usage:oxidation ponds are extensively used for sewage treatment in the Midwest
Meaning of EXTENSIVE in english:
  • large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity; "an extensive Roman settlement in northwest England"; "extended farm lands"; "surgeons with extended experience"; "they suffered extensive damage"
  • broad in scope or content; "across-the-board pay increases"; "an all-embracing definition"; "blanket sanctions against human-rights violators"; "an invention with broad applications"; "a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"- T.G.Winner; "granted him wide powers"
  • of agriculture; increasing productivity by using large areas with minimal outlay and labor; "producing wheat under extensive conditions"; "agriculture of the extensive type"


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