Meaning of MOURN in Hindi - Translation and Definition.

MOURN<===> अफसोस प्रकट करना (pr. \\aphasos prakaT karana\\ )[Verb]
Usage:She is mourning her dead child


MOURN<===> शोक करना/दुःखी होना (pr. \\shok karana/du:akhi hona\\ )[Verb]
Usage:The people are mourning because of the death of the old man.
MOURNER<===> शोक मनाने वाला (pr. \\shok manane vala\\ )[Noun]
Usage:The mourner became ill as he cried day and night.
MOURNING<===> मातम (pr. \\matam\\ )[Noun]
MOURNFUL<===> शोकाकुल (pr. \\shokakul\\ )[Adjective]
MOURNING<===> शोक (pr. \\shok\\ )[Noun]
Usage:Mourning is seen at the places where someone dies or something unfortunate happens.
MOURNFUL<===> दुःखपूर्ण (pr. \\du:akhapurN\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:The mournful atmosphere at her grandmas ill-health, made Sajini all the more sad.
MOURNFUL<===> दुख भरा (pr. \\dukh bhara\\ )[Adjective]
MOURNFULLY<===> शोकाकुल ढंग से (pr. \\shokakul Dhanag se\\ )[Noun]
Usage:the young man stared into his glass mournfully
Meaning of MOURN in english:
  • feel sadness; "She is mourning her dead child"
  • observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one


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