Meaning of POSSESSIVE in Hindi - Translation and Definition.

POSSESSIVE<===> स्वत्वबोधक (pr. \\svatvabodhak\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:He is terrible possessive about his girl friend.


POSSESSIVELY<===> अधिकार सहित (pr. \\adhikar sahit\\ )[Adverb]
Usage:He possesively took her along with him.
POSSESSIVELY<===> स्वत्वबोधक ढंग से (pr. \\svatvabodhak Dhanag se\\ )[Adverb]
Usage:he was sleeping, one arm flung possessively across his wife
POSSESSIVENESS<===> स्वत्वबोधकता (pr. \\svatvabodhakata\\ )[Noun]
Usage:His possessiveness can oftenbe quite irritating.
Meaning of POSSESSIVE in english:
  • the case expressing ownership
  • serving to express or indicate possession; "possessive pronouns"; "the genitive endings"
  • desirous of owning; "small children are so possessive they will not let others play with their toys"


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