Meaning of PREVENT in Hindi - Translation and Definition.

PREVENT<===> रोकना (pr. \\rokana\\ )[Verb]
Usage:Raj, being a righteous man tried his best to prevent his friend from taking
bribe, but, failed.

PREVENT<===> रास्ता दीखाना (pr. \\rasta dikhana\\ )[Verb]
Usage:My sense of tact forbids an honest answer


PREVENT<===> बचाना (pr. \\bachana\\ )[Verb]
PREVENTION<===> रोकथाम (pr. \\rokatham\\ )[Noun]
Usage:For prevention of head injury, all two wheeler riders must wear a helmet.
PREVENTION<===> रोक थाम (pr. \\rok tham\\ )[Noun]
Usage:there was no bar against leaving
PREVENTIVE<===> गर्भनिरोधक (pr. \\garbhanirodhak\\ )[Noun]
Usage:the doctor recommended several preventatives
PREVENTIVE<===> निवारक (pr. \\nivarak\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:Little children are administered polio drops as a preventive measure
against the disease.

PREVENTABLE<===> निवार्य (pr. \\nivary\\ )[Noun]
Usage:conscious of preventable human suffering
PREVENT FROM<===> रोकना (pr. \\rokana\\ )[Noun]
Meaning of PREVENT in english:
  • keep from happening or arising; make impossible; "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer"; "Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project"
  • prevent from doing something or being in a certain state; "We must prevent the cancer from spreading"; "His snoring kept me from falling asleep"; "Keep the child from eating the marbles"


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