Meaning of PROVISION in Hindi - Translation and Definition.

PROVISION<===> प्रावधान (pr. \\pravadhan\\ )[Noun]
Usage:I hope mother has made all provisions for our journey.
PROVISION<===> शर्त (pr. \\shart\\ )[Noun]
Usage:he accepted subject to one provision


PROVISION<===> नियम (pr. \\niyam\\ )[Noun]
PROVISION<===> प्रबन्ध (pr. \\prabandh\\ )[Noun]
Usage:Provisions are made by law to uplift the standards of Scs and Sts.
PROVISION<===> विधान (pr. \\vidhan\\ )[Noun]
PROVISION<===> धारा (pr. \\dhara\\ )[Noun]
Usage:She entered inthe contract with a provision that beside the salary she would also be entitled to get 5% profit.
PROVISION<===> पूर्वोपाय (pr. \\purvopay\\ )[Noun]
Usage:One should go with complete provision in board exam.
PROVISIONS<===> शर्त (pr. \\shart\\ )[Noun]
PROVISIONAL<===> अस्थायी (pr. \\asthayi\\ )[Adjective]
Usage:Please produce your provisional certificate for verification.
PROVISIONALLY<===> अस्थायी रूप से (pr. \\asthayi rup se\\ )[Noun]
Usage:they have agreed provisionally
Meaning of PROVISION in english:
  • a stipulated condition; "he accepted subject to one provision"
  • the activity of supplying or providing something
  • the cognitive process of thinking about what you will do in the event of something happening; "his planning for retirement was hindered by several uncertainties"


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