OATH= शपथ (pr. {shapath} )(Noun)
Usage:they took an oath of allegiance
VOW= शपथ (pr. {shapath} )(Noun)
Usage:He took a vow never to drink again.


SWORN= शपथबद्ध (pr. {shapathabaddh} )(Verb)
Usage:now my sworn friend and then mine enemy
AFFIDAVIT= शपथ पत्र (pr. {shapath patr} )(Noun)
Usage:I signed an affidavit stating that you are guilty as I caught you red handed.
SWEAR= शपथ लेना (pr. {shapath lena} )(Verb)
SWEAR= शपथ करना (pr. {shapath karana} )(Verb)
Usage:Soldiers swear while joining the army.
SWEAR IN= शपथ दिलाना (pr. {shapath dilana} )(Verb)
Usage:The speaker of the House swore in the new President
UNSWORN= शपथ से अबद्ध (pr. {shapath se abaddh} )(Adjective)
Usage:the witness stands unsworn
FORSWEAR= शपथ खा कर छोड़ना (pr. {shapath kha kar chhoDDana} )(TransitiveVerb)
Usage:He forswore in the court of law to save his guilty friend.
A person who forswears his promises is not to be believed.

OATH= शपथ/सट्यप्रतिपादन (pr. {shapath/saTyapratipadan} )(Noun)
Usage:A witness takes in oath before giving evidence.
ABJURE= शपथपूर्वक त्याग करना (pr. {shapathapurvak tyag karana} )(Verb)
Usage:He retracted his earlier statements about his religion
ADJURATION= शपथ ग्रहण की प्रक्रिया (pr. {shapath grahaN ki prakriya} )(verb)
Usage:false adjuration on the name of the god is not a good thing.
ADJURE= शपथ दिलाकर कोई बात पूछना (pr. {shapath dilakar koI bat puchhana} )(Verb)
Usage:He was adjured to answer truthfully all the questions asked.


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