देना = RENDER(TransitiveVerb)
उदाहरण : % s आपको बुला कर रहा है, क्या आप जवाब देना चाहते हैं?
Usage : Thousands of people rendered homeless by the earthquake.
उदाहरण : कृपया मुझे अपनी किताब देना
Usage : please give me your book
उदाहरण : सचिन को डॉक्टरेट की उपाधि देना चाहती है मुंबई यूनिवर्सिटी |
Usage : he claims that the present administration is corrupt
देना = FEED(Verb)
Usage : The baby had the last feed two hours ago.
देना = TENDER(Verb)
Usage : Dinesh Karthik tendered his "unconditional apology" to BCCI for Caribbean Premier League appearance.
देना = CAUSE(Verb)
Usage : they are trying to determine the cause of the crash
देना = TAKE(Verb)
Usage : because they want to take risks
देना = LET(Verb)
Usage : Let him go to th emarket.
देना = GRANT(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : His parents granted him permission to play.
The court granted him bail
देना = ISSUE(Verb)
Usage : the issue could be settled by requiring public education for everyone
देना = BEAR(Verb)
Usage : The juggler was managing show of a bear.
देना = EXTEND(Verb)
Usage : The minister has extended his visit for another week.
देना = LEAVE(Verb)
Usage : leave her alone.
देना = DISPENSE(Verb)
Usage : I was dispensed from this terrible task
देना = SERVE(Verb)
Usage : his powerful serves won the game
देना = ADMINISTER(Verb)
उदाहरण : चक्रवात पीड़ितों को राहत देने के लिए एक विशेष दल को बुलाया गया।
Usage : A special team was called to administer relief to the cyclone victims.
The fits of the patient were stopped by administering an injection of medicine.
देना = SPARE(Verb)
Usage : Could you please spare come food for me?
देना = TREAT(Verb)
Usage : The government wanted 'to treat them as traitors and punish them accordingly.
देना = MAKE(Verb)
Usage : This table is made of wood.
She is making a beautiful dress.
She makes her own dresses.
Please make your beds before you go out.
He makes a lot of money by giving tutions.
देना = ACCOMMODATE(Verb)
Usage : Can you accommodate me with a rental car?
देना = OFFER(Verb)
Usage : a generous offer of assistance
देना = GIVE(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रत्येक नमूने की एक बूंद का विश्लेषण किया गया था
देना = PROVIDE(Verb)
Usage : The hostess provided lunch for all the guests
देना = LAND(Verb)
Usage : Dont worry you will land a good job.
देना = LEND(Verb)
Usage : Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company
देना = HAND(Verb)
Usage : he had the hands of a surgeon
देना = SWEAR IN(Verb)
Usage : The speaker of the House swore in the new President
देना = RETURN(Verb)
Usage : on his return from Australia we gave him a welcoming party
देना = TRANSMIT(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : Parents should not transmit fears to their children by over protection.
देना = YIELD(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : The militants yielded six Indian soldiers to the Army.
देना = ADDRESS(Verb)
Usage : he listened to an address on minor Roman poets
देना = POUR(Verb)
Usage : pour water over the floor
देना = ASCRIBE(Verb)
Usage : He who commits a mistake or iniquity and ascribes it to one who is innocent, is guilty of calumny and brazen sin.
देना = METE OUT(Verb)
Usage : So Allah will mete out to him the greatest punishment.
देना = DO(Verb)
Usage : He has to do work.
देना = AFFORD(Verb)
Usage : They can not afford a car right now.
देना = NURSE(Verb)
Usage : Florence Nightingale established the profession of a nurse as service to the mankind.
देना = DELIVER(Verb)
Usage : The commencement speaker presented a forceful speech that impressed the students
देना = TEND(Verb)
Usage : She tends to be nervous before her lectures
देना = ACCORD(Verb)
Usage : His thoughts and actions do not accord.
देना = SETTLE(Verb)
Usage : The baby would not settle.
देना = ALLOW(Verb)
Usage : It is a crime to allow minors to drive.
देना = SPREAD(Verb)
Usage : she exercised to avoid that middle-aged spread
देना = INVEST(Verb)
Usage : Chinese smartphone maker plans to invest over Rs 4,000 crore in india .
देना = ATTACH(Verb)
Usage : The spiders thread attached to the window sill
देना = GIVE AWAY(PhrasalVerb)
Usage : The principal gave away the prizes to the winners.
देना = PRESENT(Verb)
Usage : that is enough for the present
देना = PAY(Verb)
Usage : He said: 'It grieves me to let him go with you, for I fear lest the wolf should devour him when you are not paying attention to him'
देना = COMMAND(Verb)
Usage : an admiral in command
देना = COUGH(Verb)
Usage : But tell that sala Kala Chand that if he does not cough up the money on the next pay day I 'll tear his legs apart.

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देना के इंग्लिश मीनिंग: render, give the green light, administration, feed, tender, cause, take, let, grant, issue, bear, extend, leave, dispense, serve, administer, spare, treat, make, accommodate, offer, give, provide, land, lend, hand, swear in, return, transmit, yield, address, pour, ascribe, mete out, do, afford, nurse, deliver, tend, accord, settle, allow, spread, invest, attach, give away, present, pay, command, cough