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खर्च किया हुआ    
खर्च = EXPENSE(Noun)
उदाहरण : हम उस खर्च को उचित नहीं ठहरा सकते थे।
Usage : He kept a record of his expenses at the meeting.
खर्च = EXPENDITURE(Noun)
Usage : There has been an increase in the defence expenditure for last two years.
खर्च = SPENDING(Noun)
उदाहरण : (ऐ रसूल) इनसे कहो कि अगर मेरे परवरदिगार के रहमत के ख़ज़ाने भी तुम्हारे एख़तियार में होते तो भी तुम खर्च हो जाने के डर से (उनको) बन्द रखते और आदमी बड़ा ही तंग दिल है
Usage : Say: "Even if you owned the stores of the mercy of my Lord, you would have held them back for fear of spending them, for man is niggardly."
खर्च = COST(Verb)
Usage : These shoes cost $100
खर्च = CHARGE(Noun)
Usage : the wrestlers charge carried him past his adversary
खर्च = OUTLAY(Noun)
Usage : You require an outlay of $100000 on those machines.
Usage : He was given the medical disbursement.
खर्च = DAMAGE(Verb)
Usage : The Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984
खर्च = EXES(Noun)
Usage : Organism that were not major pest initially but due to exessive use of pesticeds they have become more resistant to it.
खर्चा = PAYMENT(Noun)
उदाहरण : हम शिक्षा के बारे मे ही सोचते हैं और उसपे बहुत खर्चा भी करते हैं.
Usage : China's central bank warned that rejecting cash as a form of payment is illegal.
खर्चा = TREAT(Noun)
Usage : This is her treat. Lets go.
खर्चीला = EXTRAVAGANT(Adjective)
उदाहरण : खर्चीला होता है और आँख की धुंधलापन और अंधापन हो सकता है।
Usage : He had a wildly extravagant lifestyle.
खर्चीला = LAVISH(Verb)
Usage : He was very lavish with his money to help the poor.
खर्चीला = SPENDTHRIFT(Noun)
Usage : 'I don' t like spendthrifts' said H. H. There is one consolation—I did not bring discredit on H. H., as far as I am aware.
खर्चीला = PRODIGAL(Noun)
Usage : Not a penny was left with him because of being a prodigal man.
खर्चीला = UNECONOMICAL(Adjective)
Usage : But this was an uneconomical process, particularly when there was a ready dollar market for bones.
खर्चीला = UNTHRIFTY(Adjective)
Usage : Poults unthrifty and may develop eye opacity and blindness.
खर्चीला = UNECONOMIC(Adjective)
Usage : Uneconomic factories are a liability on the countrys economy.
खर्च/व्यय = OUTGOING(Verb)
Usage : an outgoing steamship
खर्च होना = GO(Verb)
उदाहरण : खर्च होना
Usage : its my go
खर्च करना = EXPEND(Verb)
Usage : Who expend both in joy and tribulation, who suppress their anger and pardon their fellowmen; and God loves those who are upright and do good,
खर्च करना = BURN(Verb)
Usage : i have burned all my favorite songs in a blank disk .
खर्च में कमी = COST CUTTING(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रशासकीय खर्च में कमी के उपाय सुझाएं।
Usage : Industries are emphasising on efficiency and cost-cutting.
खर्च का पुर्जा = VOUCHER(Noun)
Usage : Take this voucher
खर्च में लिखना = CHARGE(Verb)
Usage : She left her child in the charge of maidservant.
खर्च करने वाला = SPENDER(Noun)
Usage : He is an extravagant spender.
खर्चीले ढंग से = UNECONOMICALLY(Noun)
उदाहरण : हॉँ, दुर्भाग्यवश वह ऋणी थे, क्योंकि वह बहुत खर्चीले ढँग से रहते थे।
खर्चीले ढंग से = EXTRAVAGANTLY(Adverb)
Usage : the United States, up to the 1920s, used fuel lavishly, mainly because it was so cheap
खर्च न किया गया = UNCONSUMED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : बजट की रकम का खर्च न किया गया अंश, जो भावी खर्च के लिए उपलब्ध हो
खर्चे में लिखना = DEBIT(Verb)
Usage : Total Debit
खर्चीला, अतिव्ययी = LAVISH(Adjective)
Usage : His father does not like his lavish style of life.

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