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लेना {lena} = TAKE(IntransitiveVerb)
उदाहरण : लोग समाप्य वार्षिकी को ही लेना पसन्द करते हैं।
Usage : He took the book from his friend.
लेना {lena} = PICK(Verb)
उदाहरण : और तुम्हें एक ऐसे समुदाय का रूप धारण कर लेना चाहिए जो नेकी की ओर बुलाए और भलाई का आदेश दे और बुराई से रोके। यही सफलता प्राप्त करनेवाले लोग है
Usage : he used a pick to clean the dirt out of the cracks


लेना {lena} = CONTRACT(Verb)
Usage : Metals contract as they become cool.
She had contracted a most unsuitable marriage.
Bad habits of stealing contracted in his youth.
Do notis contracted to Dont
लेना {lena} = CONTAIN(Verb)
Usage : 24 contains 6
लेना {lena} = GIVE THE GREEN LIGHT(Verb)
Usage : please give me your book
लेना {lena} = BORROW(Verb)
Usage : May I borrow your lawn mower?
लेना {lena} = AFFORD(Verb)
Usage : They can not afford a car right now.
लेना {lena} = TAKE ON(Verb)
Usage : We take on God 's own dye. Who has a better dye than God' s? We worship Him alone.
लेना {lena} = EXACT(Verb)
Usage : His idea was that he who would demand five hundred Mohurs, the exact amount of the offering vowed by him, must be the real Guru.
लेना {lena} = MANAGE(Verb)
Usage : I can deal with this crew of workers
लेना {lena} = OBTAIN(Verb)
Usage : How did you obtain the visa?
लेना {lena} = COMMAND(Verb)
Usage : an admiral in command
लेना {lena} = BEAR(Verb)
Usage : The juggler was managing show of a bear.
लेना {lena} = BREATHE(Verb)
Usage : I can breathe better when the air is clean
लेना {lena} = ACCEPT(Verb)
Usage : I cannot accept the dogma of this church
लेना {lena} = HAVE(Noun)
Usage : This game does not have hint support yet.
लेना {lena} = CLAIM(Verb)
Usage : There are some unimportant matters in the newspaper that doesnt claim atten-
लेना {lena} = SNATCH(Verb)
Usage : overheard snatches of their conversation
लेना {lena} = MAY(Verb)
Usage : So let there be a body among you who may call to the good, enjoin what is esteemed and forbid what is odious. They are those who will be successful.
लेना {lena} = DRAW(Verb)
Usage : the game ended in a draw
लेना {lena} = DO(Verb)
Usage : He has to do work.
लेना {lena} = CAPTURE(Verb)
Usage : The width resolution of the image captured from the camera
लेना {lena} = SLIP(Verb)
Usage : hes a mere slip of a lad
लेना {lena} = DRAG(Verb)
Usage : taxation is a drag on the economy
लेना {lena} = GATHER(Verb)
Usage : I gather from the recent reports that external forces are trying to create
trouble in the country.
लेना {lena} = RECEIVE(IntransitiveVerb)
Usage : When did you receive my telegram?
लेना {lena} = EMBRACE(Noun)
Usage : The lady held her daughter in a warm embrace.
लेना {lena} = PUT OUT(Verb)
Usage : He put out the same for seven managers
लेना {lena} = GO FOR(Verb)
Usage : People prefer to go for a terminable annuity.
लेना {lena} = DRINK(Verb)
Usage : I asked for a hot drink
लेना {lena} = TAKE BACK(Verb)
Usage : This photo takes me back to the good old days
लेना {lena} = MEASURE OUT(Verb)
Usage : But when they measure out to others or weigh out for them, they are deficient.
लेना {lena} = TAKE AWAY(Verb)
Usage : Their dreams carried the Romantics away into distant lands
लेना {lena} = LIVE ON(Verb)
Usage : They will be asked: "How long did you live on the earth in terms of years?"
लेना {lena} = CATCH(Verb)
Usage : i catch the fish.
लेना {lena} = CARRY(Verb)
Usage : He has to carry the entire brood of his wife 's eggs on his back, until all the young bugs have hatched to jump off into the water.
लेना {lena} = TAKE IN(Verb)
Usage : take in the sights
लेना {lena} = COLLECT(Verb)
Usage : We are collecting for cyclone victims.

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Information provided about लेना ( Lena ):

लेना (Lena) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is TAKE (लेना ka matlab english me TAKE hai). Get meaning and translation of Lena in English language with grammar, synonyms and antonyms by ShabdKhoj. Know the answer of question : what is meaning of Lena in English? लेना (Lena) ka matalab Angrezi me kya hai ( लेना का अंग्रेजी में मतलब, इंग्लिश में अर्थ जाने)

Tags: English meaning of लेना , लेना meaning in english, लेना translation and definition in English.
English meaning of Lena , Lena meaning in english, Lena translation and definition in English language by ShabdKhoj (From HinKhoj Group). लेना का मतलब (मीनिंग) अंग्रेजी (इंग्लिश) में जाने |

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Meaning Summary

लेना के इंग्लिश मीनिंग: take, pick, project into, contract, contain, give the green light, borrow, afford, take on, exact, manage, obtain, command, bear, breathe, accept, have, claim, snatch, may, draw, do, capture, slip, drag, gather, receive, embrace, put out, go for, drink, take back, measure out, take away, live on, drive off, get hands on, make it up to, catch, carry, take in, collect

Synonym/Similar Words: सम्मिलित करना, काम में लाना, मोटे अक्षरों में लिखना, आवाज से आवाज मिलाना, बांधना, मान लेना, स्थायी होना, पसन्द आना, भार ग्रहण करना, नाप, लागू करना, संभाले रखना, मर्ज़ी, दिमाग में बैटा लेना, प्रतिरक्षा करना, ओत प्रोत कर देना, आशा, सीख लेना, बढ़े चढ़े, विचार रखना, आशा , इच्छा , अभिलाषा, खिलाना, मापक यत्रं, शृंगारयुक्त, मापदण्ड, [बाहर] निकालना, ताल, निगल लेना, उम्मीद, शराब पीना, मापक यंत्र, आस, स्वीकृति, अभिरुचि, के साथ मैथुन के लिये तैयार होना, पसन्द करना, झाँसे में आना

Antonym/Opposite Words: नामँजूर करना, बन्द हो जाना/जवाब दे देना, क्षीण हो जाना, प्रतिषेध करना, कूड़ा, इन्कार करना, प्रतिषेध करना, कूड़ा कर्कट, न मानना, ढलना, साफ जवाब देना, साफ जवाब देना, पतन/क्षय, कूड़ा कर्कट, न मानना, अग्राह्य करना, अग्राह्य करना, निकालना, इंकार

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