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CORRUPT = नियमों का अनुसरण न करनेवाला [pr.{niyamon ka anusaraN n karanevala} ](Adjective)
Usage : That movie was a corrupt form of Howthornes novel `The Scarlet Letter.
CORRUPT = भ्रष्ट हो जाना [pr.{bhraShT ho jana} ](Verb)
Usage : debauch the young people with wine and women
CORRUPT = भ्रष्ट [pr.{bhraShT} ](Adjective)
उदाहरण : फ़ाइल हस्तांतरण संपन्न लेकिन फाइल भ्रष्ट था
CORRUPT = करप्ट [pr.{karapT} ](Verb)
उदाहरण : इंस्टॉलर आर्काइव करप्ट या अमान्य है. कृपया Google Chrome को दोबारा डाउनलोड करें.
CORRUPT = विकृत [pr.{vikaRat} ](Verb)
उदाहरण : एन्क्रिप्ट की गई ONC फ़ाइल विकृत है.
CORRUPT = अपभ्रष्ट [pr.{apabhraShT} ](Adjective)
CORRUPT = अवमिश्रित [pr.{avamishrit} ](Adjective)
CORRUPT = दूषित करना [pr.{duShit karana} ](Adjective)


CORRUPTS = भ्रष्ट [pr.{bhraShT} ](Verb)
Usage : 2. this helps to realize the legislator about their work, equally it catches those who are corrupts 2.
उदाहरण : यह कार्यपालिका विधायिका को उनके संवैधानिक कर्तव्य करने के लिये बाधित करती है साथ ही यह भ्रष्टाचार मुक्त प्रशासन की सुनिशिचतता करती है
CORRUPTLY = भ्रष्ट तरीके से [pr.{bhraShT tarike se} ](Adverb)
Usage : They said: "By Allah, you certainly know that we did not come to act corruptly in this land, nor are we those who steal."
CORRUPTED = अपमिश्रित [pr.{apamishrit} ](Verb)
Usage : Could not load% s This usually means that your installation is corrupted. The error message leading to this was:% s
उदाहरण : व्यापारियों के बीच मांग को देखते हुए अपमिश्रित और धोखा काफी संभव है।
CORRUPTER = भ्रष्टाचारी [pr.{bhraShTachari} ](Adjective)
Usage : Lo! verily it is they who are the corrupters, and yet they perceive not.
उदाहरण : भ्रष्टाचारी
CORRUPTION = भ्रष्टाचार [pr.{bhraShTachar} ](Noun)
Usage : There is rampant corruption in government offices.
उदाहरण : नई सरकार ने देश को भ्रष्टाचार से मुक्त करने का वादा किया।
CORRUPTIBLE = भ्रष्टणीय [pr.{bhraShTaNiy} ](Adjective)
Usage : I wear the same corruptible flesh that the weakest of my fellow beings wears and am therefore as liable to err as any.
उदाहरण : भ्रष्टणीय
CORRUPTIBLY = दूषितता [pr.{duShitata} ](Adverb)
उदाहरण : चारों ओर नज़ारे भी ऐसे कि जैसे दूषितता यहाँ थम ही नहीं सकती।

Definition of Corrupt

  • corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality; "debauch the young people with wine and women"; "Socrates was accused of corrupting young men"; "Do school counselors subvert young children?"; "corrupt the morals"
  • alter from the original
  • make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence; "This judge can be bought"

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Corrupt meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Corrupt in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages by ShabdKhoj. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Corrupt in Hindi? Corrupt ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Corrupt का हिंदी में मतलब ). Corrupt meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is नियमों का अनुसरण न करनेवाला.English definition of Corrupt : corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality; debauch the young people with wine and women; Socrates was accused of corrupting young men; Do school counselors subvert young children?; corrupt the morals

Tags: Hindi meaning of corrupt, corrupt meaning in hindi, corrupt ka matalab hindi me, corrupt translation and definition in Hindi language by ShabdKhoj (From HinKhoj Group).corrupt का मतलब (मीनिंग) हिंदी में जाने |


Meaning Summary

Corrupt Meanings: नियमों का अनुसरण न करनेवाला, भ्रष्ट हो जाना, भ्रष्ट, भ्रष्ट करना, भ्रष्ट कर देना, करप्ट, विकृत, बिगड़ी हुई भाषा/लेख/डेटा आदि, करप्ट कर देना, भ्रष्ट करना (क्रि.), अपभ्रष्ट, अवमिश्रित, दूषित करना

Synonym/Similar Words: criminal, disbar, defile, spoil, dishonest, misdirect, debauch, pervert, profane, tainted, sully, deprave, subvert, felonious, corrupted, vitiate, buy, debase, taint, demoralize, demoralise, crooked, cloud

Antonym/Opposite Words: perfect, honourable, faithful, authentic, incorrupt, guiltless, square, straight