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ढीला = LOOSE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : ढीला रॉटिंग
Usage : They have entered into a loose alliance.
ढीला = FLABBY(Adjective)
Usage : Due to long sickness, his muscles have become flabby.
ढीला = FREE(Adjective)
Usage : The bathroom is free now.
I tried to telephone her but her line was never free.
ढीला = LIMP(Noun)
उदाहरण : और आकाश फट जाएगा और उस दिन उसका बन्धन ढीला पड़ जाएगा,
Usage : Paper-back books have limp covers.
ढीला = CRANKY(Adjective)
Usage : Cranky old engine of her car makes too much noise.
ढीला = LAX(Adjective)
Usage : He is often lax about his dress.
ढीला = FLACCID(Adjective)
Usage : The acting of stars in this movie was quite flaccid.
ढीला = ADRIFT(Adverb)
Usage : the boat wasset adrift
ढीला = SLOW(Verb)
Usage : He is too slow to understand numericals.
ढीला = UNFIXED(Adjective)
Usage : These are forgiving past wrong (or unfixing the fixed past) and promising future benefit (or fixing the unfixed future).
ढीला = POUCHY(Noun)
ढीला = SLIP ON(Noun)
ढीला = WEAK(Adjective)
Usage : a weak pillar
ढीला = SUPPLE(Verb)
Usage : These boots are not yet suppled by frequent use
ढीला = BAGGY(Adjective)
Usage : The throat is loose and baggy.
ढीला = SLOPPY(Adjective)
Usage : My very close friend who comes Ist in class is very sloppy child.
ढीला = EXTENUATORY(Adjective)
ढीला = SLACK-JAWED(Adjective)
ढीला = LAID BACK(Adjective)
ढीला = UNTIGHT(Adjective)
ढीला = SOFT(Adjective)
Usage : soft like rose
ढीला = UNTIDY(Adjective)
Usage : She is careless and untidy in her personal habits.
ढीला = SHAKY(Adjective)
Usage : Her hands are shaky because shes nervous.
ढीला = LOOSE-TONGUED(Adjective)
ढीला = SLACK(Noun)
Usage : suddenly they were in a slack and the water was motionless
ढीला = RELAXED(Verb)
Usage : gave the impression of being quite relaxed
ढीला = EASY(Adjective)
Usage : just wanted to take it easy
ढिलाई = SLACKNESS(Noun)
उदाहरण : ढिलाई
Usage : Now this tradition, in a way, has brought a lot of slackness in it somewhere it seems to have ended.
ढिलाई = RELAXATION(Noun)
Usage : His favourite relaxations are swimming and tennis.
ढिलाई = LENIENCE(noun)
उदाहरण : देखने के उस बिंदु से वह बिल्कुल सही है लेकिन क्या एक छोटी सी ढिलाई के साथ गलत है?
Usage : from that point of view he is absolutely right but what\'s wrong with a little lenience?
ढिलाई = SLOTH(Noun)
Usage : Sloth is his habit.
ढिलाई = LENITY(noun)
Usage : a smile crossed her face but this unexpected lenity was short-lived.
ढिलाई = LENIENCY(Noun)
Usage : The students took advantage of his leniency.

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