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addachan dalana    
डालना {Dalana} = PUT(Verb)
उदाहरण : रेकुएस्ट तो इन्फ्लिक्ट थे गैस पाइप लाइन.
Usage : He put the magazine aside and turned to speak to me.
डालना {Dalana} = INPUT(Verb)
Usage : Input the annual sales figures.


डालना {Dalana} = CHANGE(Verb)
Usage : the change was intended to increase sales
डालना {Dalana} = BURY(Verb)
Usage : Afghani women buried under their burkas
डालना {Dalana} = DRAG(Verb)
Usage : taxation is a drag on the economy
डालना {Dalana} = FEED(Verb)
उदाहरण : क्या आप "% s" को रद्दी में डालना चाहते हैं?
Usage : The baby had the last feed two hours ago.
डालना {Dalana} = FLING(Verb)
Usage : Do not fling unnecessary accusations on others.
डालना {Dalana} = FUEL(Verb)
Usage : We must fuel [up] our car before a long trip.
ड़लना {Dalana} = CREAM(Verb)
उदाहरण : मकानों की दीवारें तो खड़ी हैं लेकिन छत डलना बाकी है।
Usage : the cream of Englands young men were killed in the Great War
डालना {Dalana} = HAVE(Verb)
Usage : I have a computer
डालना {Dalana} = CAST(Verb)
Usage : Anthony Hopkins was the head of the cast in the movie `Instinct.
डालना {Dalana} = FUNNEL(Verb)
Usage : Funnel kerosene into a can.
डालना {Dalana} = INFLICT(Verb)
Usage : The principal visited his rage on the students
डालना {Dalana} = PROJECT(Verb)
Usage : A projected drain improvement scheme is being implimented in our colony.
डालना {Dalana} = THREAD(Verb)
Usage : Set current thread
डालना {Dalana} = EXPOSE(Verb)
Usage : he published an expose of the graft and corruption in city government
डालना {Dalana} = GET(Verb)
Usage : Are you getting my point?
डालना {Dalana} = SHOVE(Verb)
Usage : he gave the door a shove
डालना {Dalana} = DUMP(Verb)
Usage : an ammunition dump
डालना {Dalana} = TAKE(Verb)
Usage : because they want to take risks
डालना {Dalana} = CLIMB(Verb)
Usage : Its an hours climb to the summit.
डालना {Dalana} = DROP(Verb)
Usage : One drop of each sample was analyzed
डालना {Dalana} = NET(Verb)
Usage : Government should make documents related to Netaji public.
डालना {Dalana} = ENTER(Verb)
Usage : I will enter on my task tomorrow.
डालना {Dalana} = LAY(Verb)
Usage : Lay this photograph on the showcase.
डालना {Dalana} = TUCK(Verb)
Usage : He tucked the watch in the bureau.
डालना {Dalana} = RUN(Verb)
Usage : She has a very big chicken-run at her back yard. .
डालना {Dalana} = PASS(Verb)
Usage : he had a pass for three days
डालना {Dalana} = LOAD(Verb)
Usage : the system broke down under excessive loads
डालना {Dalana} = EXCHANGE(Verb)
Usage : they had a bitter exchange
डालना {Dalana} = INSERTION(Noun)
उदाहरण : उन्होंने कार्यक्रम में डालने के लिए एक वस्तु रिकॉर्ड की।
Usage : The game is played with the insertion of a coin.
डालना {Dalana} = SHIFT(Verb)
Usage : I have shifted my T.V. from drawing room to bedroom.
डालना {Dalana} = SINK(Verb)
Usage : the ocean is a sink for carbon dioxide
डालना {Dalana} = STIR UP(Verb)
Usage : They wanted to stir up controversy.
डालना {Dalana} = FALL ON(Verb)
Usage : When their eyes fall on the inmates of Hell they will say: "O Lord, do not place us in the crowd of the vile."
डालना {Dalana} = PICK(Verb)
Usage : he used a pick to clean the dirt out of the cracks
दालना {dalana} = PUNCH(Verb)
Usage : The story told by the little boy was full of punches.
डालना {Dalana} = FEED IN(Verb)
Usage : Or to feed in times of famine
डालना {Dalana} = SHOOT(Verb)
Usage : Cameras ready? OK, shoot.
डालना {Dalana} = THROW(Verb)
Usage : Peter Sampras won the Wimbledon and his throw was great.
He couldnt afford $50 a throw.
डालना {Dalana} = TRAP(Verb)
Usage : the exam was full of trap questions
डालना {Dalana} = FILL(Verb)
Usage : he ate his fill of potatoes
डालना {Dalana} = PUT TO(Verb)
Usage : The army will be routed and put to flight.
डालना {Dalana} = PEPPER(Verb)
Usage : Chili pepper
डालना {Dalana} = INSERT(Noun)
Usage : Severe cramps and pain beyond the first three to five days after insertion.
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addachan dalana (Addachan dalana) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is PUT (addachan dalana ka matlab english me PUT hai). Get meaning and translation of Addachan dalana in English language with grammar, synonyms and antonyms. Know the answer of question : what is meaning of Addachan dalana in English? addachan dalana (Addachan dalana) ka matalab Angrezi me kya hai ( addachan dalana का अंग्रेजी में मतलब, इंग्लिश में अर्थ जाने)

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English meaning of Addachan dalana , Addachan dalana meaning in english, Addachan dalana translation and definition in English language. addachan dalana का मतलब (मीनिंग) अंग्रेजी (इंग्लिश) में जाने |

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