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प्रवाह = FLUX(Noun)
उदाहरण : इस अंतःप्रवाह ने स्थानीय मराठी लोगों के अंदर एक चिंता जगा दी जो कि अपनी संस्कृति व्यवसाय भाषा के खोने से आशंकित थे।
Usage : the flux following the death of the emperor
प्रवाह = STREAM(Noun)
Usage : two streams of development run through American history
प्रवाह = TREND(Noun)
Usage : Youths follow the general trends in fashion.
प्रवाह = COURSE(Noun)
Usage : he took a course in basket weaving
प्रवहण = CONVEYANCE(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रवहण का सही समय पर पहुंचना आवश्यक था।
Usage : Documents concerning conveyances of land are a matter of public record.
प्रवाह = RUN(Noun)
Usage : She has a very big chicken-run at her back yard. .
प्रवाह = DISCHARGE(Noun)
Usage : the discharge of pus
प्रवाह = CURRENT(Noun)
Usage : for your own good
प्रवाह = ONRUSH(Noun)
Usage : from the bow she stared at the mesmerising onrush of the sea where it split and foamed
प्रवाह = FLOW(Noun)
Usage : Timely and proper flow of information is very important for good management.
प्रवाह = INFLUX(Noun)
Usage : Local Marathi people were worried about losing their culture, work and language as a result of this influx.
प्रवाह = TIDE(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रवाहित करनेयोग्य विषयवस्तु
Usage : a rising tide of popular interest
प्रवाह = AFFLUX(noun)
Usage : raja ram mohan roy was a supporter of womens afflux.
प्रवाह = OUTPOURING(Noun)
Usage : There was an outpouring of suggestions, schemes and ideas in that meeting.
प्रवाह = EFFLUENT(Noun)
Usage : Effluents from the factories spoil the environment.
प्रवाही = CURSIVE(Noun)
उदाहरण : प्रवाही
Usage : The default Cursive font family used to display text.
प्रवाही = FLUENT(Adjective)
Usage : He gave the speech in fluent Japanese.
प्रवाही = LIQUID(Noun)
Usage : Pour the liquid into another beaker.
प्रवाही = FLUID(Noun)
Usage : We have a fluid arrangement of work here.
She had a fluid grace in her dance.
प्रवाही = DEFERENT(noun)
Usage : Ratios are expressed in deferent ways.
प्रवाही = STREAMING(Noun)
Usage : Non Streaming
प्रवाही = SMOOTH(Noun)
Usage : he gave his hair a quick smooth
प्रवाहित = AFLOAT(Adjective)
Usage : A small boat was on afloat beside a huge one.
प्रवाहकीय = CONDUCTIVE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : मध्य कर्णास्थिका के विनाश के कारण वह गंभीर रुप से प्रवाहकीय सुनने की छमता खो चुका.
Usage : He had a severe conductive hearing loss due to the destruction of middle ear ossicles.
प्रवाहिता = FLUIDITY(Noun)
उदाहरण : उसकी बोलने की धारा प्रवाहिता , उच्चारण और स्थानीय लहजे के साथ परिपूर्णता लाजवाब था।
Usage : adding lead makes the alloy easier to cast because the melting point is reduced and the fluidity is increased
प्रवाही जाल = DRIFT NET(Noun)
Usage : A baby shark came into the drift-net.
प्रवाह की ओर = DOWNSTREAM(Adjective)
उदाहरण : प्रवाह की ओर
Usage : The naphtha cracker and the downstream units were commissioned in 1978.
प्रवाह का मुख = OUTFALL(Noun)
Usage : The river outfall is getting so dirty as the sewage outfall.
प्रवाहकत्त्व = CONDUCTION(Noun)
उदाहरण : तंत्रिका प्रवाहकत्त्व वेग माप बरामद दिखाया और छह महीने से अधिक का पालन
Usage : The bone conduction pathway is more efficient in transmission of large vibrations.
प्रवाहकत्त्व = CONDUCTIVITY(Noun)
Usage : A metallic element which has highest electrical and thermal conductivity is ductile and can be moulded into any shape.

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