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अनवरत = SUSTAINED(Verb)
उदाहरण : मीडिया में-की उपस्थिति अनवरत है।
Usage : C - DAC has a sustained media presence.
अनवरत = INCESSANT(Adjective)
Usage : This week is of almost incessant rain.
अनवरत = CONSTANT(Noun)
Usage : This route is in constant use.
अनवरत = CEASELESS(Adjective)
Usage : I enjoy the ceaseless thunder of surf on the beach.
अनवरत = RELENTLESS(Adjective)
Usage : He is a relentless enemy.
अनवरत = PERSISTENT(Adjective)
Usage : persistent leaves remain attached past maturity
अनवरत = INEXORABLE(Adjective)
Usage : His demands are inexorable.
अनवरत = PERPETUAL(Adjective)
Usage : How can I work with these perpetual interruptions.
He was elected perpetual secretary.
अनवरत = STEADY(Adjective)
Usage : Sita is making steady progress in her writing.
अनवरत = UNREMITTING(Adjective)
Usage : She gave an unremitting dance performance for 48 hrs.
अनवरत = UNCEASING(Adjective)
Usage : The unceasing war has taken a heavy toll of life.
अनावृत = UNVEILED(Verb)
उदाहरण : डिप्टेरा फूल आमतौर पर सफेद या नीले होते हैं और इनके मकरंद कोष अनावृत तथा प्राय: दुर्गंधयुक़्त होते हैं.
Usage : a new generation of unveiled women in Iran
अनावृत = EXPOSED(Verb)
Usage : The Diptera flowers are generally white or blue and have nectaries exposed and often foul scented.
अनावृत = BALD(Verb)
Usage : He is balding already
अनावृत = UNSHEATHED(Verb)
Usage : unsheathed cables
अनावृत = UNDRAPED(Verb)
Usage : What would happen with sound bouncing off undraped walls , tile floors , and metal folding chairs ?
अनावृत = DISCLOSED(Verb)
Usage : And when you killed a living soul, and disputed thereon - - and God disclosed what you were hiding - -
अनावृत = STRIPPED(adjective)
Usage : when heaven shall be stripped off;
अनावृत = UNCOVERED(Verb)
Usage : and the Fire will be uncovered for those who strayed,
अनावृतबीजी = GYMNOSPERM(Noun)
उदाहरण : एक कोणधारी का शंकु - कोणधारी अनावृतबीजी वृक्षों की सबसे विस्तृत श्रेणी है
Usage : An archegonium also occurs in some gymnosperms, e. g., cycads and conifers.
अनावृत करना = UNDRAPE(Verb)
उदाहरण : अनावृत करना, आवरण रहित करना
अनावृत होना = STRIPPING(verb)
उदाहरण : आराम और निराशा से किसी भी सच्चाई को अनावृत नहीं किया जा सकता|
Usage : asset stripping
अनवरत रूप से = INEXORABLY(Adverb)
Usage : time marches on inexorably
अनवरत प्रवाह = FLOW(Verb)
Usage : Traffic islands help in regularising flow of trafic.
अनावृत गोताखोर = AQUANAUT(Noun)
Usage : In fact the aqualung has been used even at 300 metres by aquanauts.
अनवरत धूम्रपायी = CHAIN SMOKER(Noun)
Usage : Gastric cardia is usually associated with chain smokers.

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