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अस्पष्ट = VAGUE(Adjective)
उदाहरण : अस्पष्ट "% 1. *" एक्सप्रेशन
Usage : The speaker was vague on the subject
अस्पष्ट = AMBIGUOUS(Adjective)
उदाहरण : तो शब्द बहुत अस्पष्ट है और बहुत भ्रमित किया जा सकता है,
Usage : ambiguous words
अस्पष्ट = SHADOWY(Adjective)
Usage : We were lucky to get shadowy place in the stadium.
अस्पष्ट = HAZY(Adjective)
Usage : is rather to have sort of blue hazy smoke
अस्पष्ट = ANONYMOUS(Adjective)
Usage : anonymous authors
अस्पष्ट = INTANGIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : As the students handwriting was bad,it was intangible.
अस्पष्ट = FUZZY(Adjective)
Usage : The child is playing with a fuzzy teddy bear.
अस्पष्ट = OPAQUE(Adjective)
Usage : opaque windows of the jail
अस्पष्ट = CLOUDED(Verb)
Usage : They will say all the same: "Our eyes were dazed (and clouded over). We were a people ensorcelled."
अस्पष्ट = EVASIVE(Adjective)
Usage : His answers were brief, constrained and evasivePilots are taught to take evasive action
अस्पष्ट = NEBULOUS(Adjective)
Usage : She has some nebulous plans for future.
अस्पष्ट = GARBLED(Verb)
Usage : The NATO spokesperson gave a garbled account of the U.S.attack on Yugoslavia .
अस्पष्ट = VEILED(Verb)
Usage : a veiled dancer
अस्पष्ट = CONFUSED(Verb)
Usage : the flood of questions left her bewildered and confused
अस्पष्ट = INCONSPICUOUS(Adjective)
Usage : He tried to make herself as inconspicuous as possible.
अस्पष्ट = FAINT(Noun)
Usage : I only have a faint idea of what she is doing at present.
अस्पष्ट = INDISTINCT(Adjective)
Usage : The postmark was indistinct.
अस्पष्ट = INVISIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : The moon was invisible in the sky.
अस्पष्ट = LOOSE(Verb)
Usage : - Colonel 's on the loose. - That' s right. Lynne smoked the wrong guy.
अस्पष्ट = UNCLEAR(Adjective)
Usage : the law itself was unclear on that point
अस्पष्ट = WISPY(Adjective)
Usage : "O'...'maya' so illusive Wispy cloud elusive?"
अस्पष्ट = CONFUSING(Verb)
Usage : So the words can be very ambiguous and very confusing
अस्पष्ट = SOFT(Adjective)
Usage : soft like rose
अस्पष्ट = DARK(Adjective)
Usage : Dark greenDark eyesA dark scowl
अस्पष्ट = DIM(Verb)
Usage : the lights dimmed and the curtain rose
अस्पष्ट = UNFOCUSED(Adjective)
Usage : at their edges things were pretty much out of focus
अस्पष्ट = UNINTELLIGIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : unintelligible speech
अस्पष्ट = NONOBVIOUS(Noun)
Usage : The solution to the problem was nonobvious at first glance.
अस्पष्ट = IMPLICIT(Adjective)
Usage : I have implicit faith in your abilities.
अस्पष्ट = INDISTINCTIVE(Adjective)
Usage : The painting was so indistinctive that it was hard to tell what the artist's intention was.
अस्पष्ट = BLUR(Noun)
Usage : Losing to a weak team like Zimbabwe was a blur on the Indian cricket team.
अस्पष्ट = ILLEGIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : Many people have illegible hand-writing.
अस्पष्ट = AMPHIBOLOGICAL(Noun)
Usage : The politician's statement was so ambiguous that it was considered as amphibological by the public.
अस्पष्ट = UNARTICULATE(Adjective)
Usage : She was so nervous during the interview that she became unarticulate.
अस्पष्ट = PICKWICKIAN(Adjective)
Usage : His pickwickian smile was always a sign that he was up to something mischievous.
अस्पष्ट = BLEAR(adjective)
Usage : Soreness of eyes or the state of being blear - eyed.
अस्पष्ट = ILL DEFINED(Adjective)
Usage : Her role in drama was ill defined.
अस्पष्ट = THICK(Adjective)
Usage : It is a thick soup.
अस्पष्ट = MISTY(Adjective)
Usage : The mornings are misty in winter.
अस्पष्ट = INDISCERNIBLE(Adjective)
Usage : an indiscernible increase in temperature
अस्पष्ट = DREAMY(Adjective)
Usage : The music had a dreamy influence on my senses
अस्पष्ट = UNREADABLE(Adjective)
Usage : I found the novel unreadable.

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