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अतिरिक्त = ADDITIONAL(Adjective)
उदाहरण : यह घटना दो अतिरिक्त सदस्यों द्वारा बनाई गई थी।
Usage : There will be an additional charge for food.
अतिरिक्त = SURPLUS(Noun)
उदाहरण : क्या बच्चे को प्राथमिकता प्राप्त होना चाहिए जब संग्राहक क्षैतिज अक्ष पर अतिरिक्त स्थान का आवंटन है.
Usage : Farmers store the grains so that it should be surplus.
अतिरिक्त = SUPPLEMENTARY(Adjective)
उदाहरण : अगर आप 'आफ द शैल्फ' गाड़ी जिसमें ऊपर से कोई अतिरिक्त व विशेष चीज़ें न हों, लेने को तैयार हैं, तो अधिक छूट पाने की आफकी अधिक संभावना है।
Usage : In exams we take supplementary copies.
अतिरिक्त = YET(Adverb)
उदाहरण : खाली बची अतिरिक्त जगह पर कुछ ले जाएँ
Usage : I have yet to see the results
अतिरिक्त = PERIPHERAL(Adjective)
Usage : Computer has many peripheral devices like display units, printers etc.
अतिरिक्त = APART FROM(Preposition)
Usage : Apart from his acting there was nothing worth seeing in that film.
अतिरिक्त = EXTRA(Adjective)
Usage : He always carried extra medicines in case of an emergency.
An extra fast car
अतिरिक्त = REDUNDANT(Adjective)
Usage : She wrote a beautiful paragraph without a redundant word.
अतिरिक्त = SUPERFLUOUS(Adjective)
Usage : Mother gave away superfluous vegetables as she had prepared too much.
अतिरिक्त = BY(Adverb)
Usage : by
अतिरिक्त = SUPPLEMENT(Noun)
Usage : The freelance design work provides a useful supplement to my ordinary income.
अतिरिक्त = SUPERNUMERARY(Noun)
Usage : reducing staff is difficult because our employees include no supernumeraries
अतिरिक्त = AUXILIARY(Adjective)
Usage : We should have an auxiliary generator in case of power cut.
अतिरिक्त = SPARE(Noun)
Usage : The government of Switzerland afforest their spare lands.
अतिरिक्त = ADDED(Verb)
Usage : If you are willing to buy 'off the shelf', without added extras and special requirements, you are more likely to get a better discount.
अतिरिक्त = EXCESS(Noun)
Usage : Im trying to lose excess weight
अतिरिक्त = SECOND(Noun)
Usage : I came to know that he has come second in B.A.
अतिरिक्त = FORBY(Adverb)
उदाहरण : एक खरीदे और एक अतिरिक्त मुफ्त पाएं।
Usage : buy one get forby free.
अतिरिक्त = STANDBY(adjective)
उदाहरण : तुम्हारी चर्चा के अतिरिक्त उसे कोई बात ही नही भाति|
Usage : & Standby after
अतिरिक्त = OVERHEAD(Noun)
Usage : burden cost (= overhead cost)
अतिरिक्त = RELIEF(Noun)
Usage : as he heard the news he was suddenly flooded with relief
अतिरिक्त = SPECIAL(Noun)
Usage : they are having a special on pork chops
अतिरिक्त = NEW(Adjective)
Usage : The ancient India was certainly better than this modern India
अतिरिक्त = ACCESSORY(Adjective)
Usage : Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory.
अतिरिक्त = ODD(Adjective)
Usage : Three is an odd number.
अतिरिक्त = SECONDARY(Noun)
Usage : This task is secondary.

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