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अव्यवस्थित = IRREGULAR(Adjective)
उदाहरण : यौर ऑफिस इस Badly organised
Usage : The irregular troops are taking part in the parade.
अव्यवस्थित = CLUTTER(Noun)
उदाहरण : लड़ाई ने देश को अव्यवस्थित कर दिया है।
Usage : My room is never in clutter.
अव्यवस्थित = LOOSE(Adjective)
Usage : They have entered into a loose alliance.
अव्यवस्थित = JUMBLED(Verb)
Usage : It jumbled all the jaegers' electrical circuits.
अव्यवस्थित = INDISCRIMINATE(Adjective)
Usage : The indiscriminate use of the oceans for dumping toxic waste, may be harmful not only for aquatic animals but also to human beings.
अव्यवस्थित = HAPHAZARD(Adverb)
Usage : the Prime Minister was wearing a grey suit and a white shirt with a soft collar, but his neck had become thinner and the collar stood away from it as if it had been bought haphazard
अव्यवस्थित = DISORGANISED(Verb)
Usage : The country has been disorganised by the war.
अव्यवस्थित = SCRAPPY(Adjective)
Usage : These reports, though presumably taken down in shorthand, are scrappy and incomplete, confusing and often making little sense.
अव्यवस्थित = WILLY NILLY(Adverb)
Usage : a responsible doctor says: No I shouldn 't give you antibiotics just willy nilly, because what happens
अव्यवस्थित = MUDDLED(Verb)
Usage : This will give everyone the chance to look at the points as they come up, without getting muddled.
अव्यवस्थित = MUSSY(adjective)
उदाहरण : मेरी ज़िन्दगी अव्यवस्थित है और मैं नहीं जानती कि मुझे क्या करना चाहिए|
अव्यवस्थित = UNRANKED(Adjective)
Usage : Bangladesh is currently unranked in T20Is, as it has played insufficient matches.
अव्यवस्थित = UNSTRUCTURED(Adjective)
Usage : an unstructured situation with no one in authority
अव्यवस्थित = UNGRADED(Adjective)
Usage : The teacher explained that the assignment would be ungraded.
अव्यवस्थित = UNSYSTEMATIC(Adjective)
Usage : He followed unsystematic working methods.
अव्यवस्थित = SHAMBOLIC(Adjective)
Usage : The departments accounting is shambolic.
अव्यवस्थित = AMORPHOUS(Adjective)
Usage : He found it difficult to manage the amorphous organization.
अव्यवस्थित = UNSTUCK(Adjective)
Usage : The flap of the envelop has come unstuck.
अव्यवस्थित = UNMADE(Verb)
Usage : an unmade bed with tangled sheets and blankets
अव्यवस्थित = OUT OF ORDER(Noun)
Usage : Lost packets:%. 1f%% Late packets:%. 1f%% Out of order packets:%. 1f%% Jitter buffer:% d ms% s% s% s
अव्यवस्थित = UNORDERED(Adjective)
Usage : We can do it with an ordered list or we can do it with an unordered list.
अव्यवस्थित = DISORGANIZED(Verb)
Usage : a disorganized enterprise
अव्यवस्थित = UNBALLASTED(Noun)
Usage : The unballasted ship tossed in the stormy sea, making the passengers anxious.
अव्यवस्थित = ORDERLESS(Noun)
Usage : The chaos in the classroom was a result of the orderless environment created by the substitute teacher.
अव्यवस्थित = REINLESS(Adjective)
Usage : The wild horse ran freely, reinless, through the open field.
अव्यवस्थित = MESSY(Adjective)
Usage : The room is very messy.
अव्यवस्थित = UNORGANISED(Adjective)
Usage : It was terribly difficult ^ for unorganised and improperly armed masses to face an organised and well - equipped army in rebellion.
अव्यवस्थित = CHAOTIC(Adjective)
Usage : There was a chaotic situation across the cities as government decided to open liquor shops on Monday.

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