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बकवास = CRAP(Noun)
उदाहरण : रोहित शेट्टी: मैं हमेशा से जानता था कि 'गोलमाल रिटर्न्स' एक बकवास फिल्म थी।
Usage : Even teachers got fed-up with her crap.
बकवास = BULLSHIT(Noun)
उदाहरण : जानी शराब के नशे मेंhokum(बकवास) किये जा रहा था.
Usage : I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk
बकवास = NONSENSE(Noun)
Usage : he is talking nonsense.
बकवास = SHIT(Noun)
Usage : he took a shit
बकवास = BLAH(Noun)
Usage : When xenon - 135 forms from fission, look at all these chain, blah, blah, blah. Where 's
बकवास = GUFF(Noun)
Usage : Even Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who presided over the meeting, could not help guffawing.
बकवास = GARBAGE(Noun)
Usage : The municipality is incharge of garbage disposal in cities.
बकवास = CACKLE(Noun)
Usage : And at midnight the ogress came once more Hobble, cackle, gobble
बकवास = MY EYE(Noun)
Usage : ♪ The chip inside my mind ♪ The one behind my eyes... ♪ Hey. Anything left to drink?
बकवास = BALLS(Noun)
Usage : Remove colored balls from the board by forming lines
बकवास = COBBLER(Noun)
Usage : The cobbler repaired my old shoes.
बकवास = CHAT(Verb)
Usage : My friend and I chatted whole night.
बकवास = WIND(Noun)
Usage : trees bent under the fierce winds
बकवास = MUMBO JUMBO(Noun)
Usage : Mumbo-jumbo is worshipped in westrn Africa.
बकवास = BABBLE(Noun)
Usage : Ritas constant babble irritates Hari.
बकवास = BOLLOCKS(Noun)
Usage : neuro - bollocks, or, my personal favorite, neuro - flapdoodle.
बकवास = CODSWALLOP(Noun)
Usage : He talks codswallop.
बकवास = BALONEY(Noun)
Usage : by getting as much baloney
बकवास = MOONSHINE(noun)
Usage : he and his friend would often sit on tombstone, writing ominous melodies and drinking moonshine.
बकवास = KYBOSH(Noun)
Usage : Stop this Kybosh and get out of the room.
बकवास = HUMBUG(Noun)
Usage : The humbug of some European Christians had turned her to seek new regions of light.
बकवास = TRASH(Noun)
Usage : The corporation does not offer an efficient trash collection system.
बकवास = JIVE(noun)
Usage : There are jive important issues involved in preventive strategy:
बकवास = GAS(Noun)
Usage : Oxygen is the gas we breathe.
बकवास = TRUMPERY(Noun)
Usage : Politics and elections were day to day affairs when we grew excited over trumpery matters.
बकवास = TOSH(Noun)
Usage : Well Tosh. 0 picked it up, a lot of blogs starting writing about.
बकवास = FLANNEL(Noun)
Usage : Flannel is used for making clothes for children as it is soft, light and warm.
बकवास = DRIVEL(Noun)
Usage : Stop your drivel,and get out.
बकवास = PIFFLE(Noun)
Usage : Romila talks all piffle.
बकवास = CROCK(Noun)
Usage : thats a crock
बकवास = SCREWY(Adjective)
उदाहरण : हमें बहूत सारा बलोनी (बकवास)
Usage : Sending man to moon was considered as a screwy idea before hundred years.
Mostly people fail in their mission if their leader is screwy.
बकवास = PRATTLING(Verb)
Usage : He hardly paid attention to what Satish was prattling before him.
बकवास = KIBOSH(Verb)
Usage : Breaking his leg put the kibosh on his holiday.

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