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बंधना = PACKAGE(Verb)
उदाहरण : और हमें कमजोर रूप को बंधना सिखाया गया था।
Usage : Install new card themes from the distribution packages repositories
बंधना = STRING(Verb)
Usage : a string of islands
बंधना = TIE(Verb)
Usage : he nailed the rafters together with a tie beam
बंधना = CONTRACT(Verb)
Usage : Metals contract as they become cool.
She had contracted a most unsuitable marriage.
Bad habits of stealing contracted in his youth.
Do notis contracted to Dont
बंधना = TIE UP(Verb)
Usage : All my money is tied up in long-term investments
बांधना = HOOK UP(Verb)
उदाहरण : 30-35 दिन के बाद पौधों को जोर लगाकर उखाड़ना, जड़ों की धुलाई, बांधना, गट्ठरों में ले जाना
Usage : hook up the houses to the gas supply line
बांधना = LIGATE(Verb)
उदाहरण : क्या बॉक्स के शुरुआत में मदों को बांधना है
Usage : The enzyme ligated
बांधना = TAG(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : Tag the suitcase well with a knot.
बांधना = BUNDLE(Verb)
Usage : Forced uprooting, washing of the roots, binding, carrying in bundles after 30 - 35 days
बांधना = HITCH(Verb)
Usage : Remove the hitch from my tongue,
बांधना = GIRD(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : The female tea garden workers gird their infants around their waist while
बांधना = LIGATION(noun)
उदाहरण : खिलाड़ी का बॉधना होने वाला है
Usage : Tubal Ligation
बांधना = LASH(Verb)
Usage : He used a lash to east him. He was given twenty lashes.
बांधना = ENGAGE(Verb)
Usage : Im retaining a lawyer
बांधना = TYING(Noun)
Usage : Now, by tying up with the BJP, he could have ensured her a Central ministerial berth.
बांधना = SWATHE(Noun)
Usage : IAF choppers have been employed in Kumaon and Garwhal as forest fires continue to rage in vast swathes of Uttarakhand.
बांधना = STINT(Verb)
Usage : You shouldnt stint on giving money to the beggar.
बांधना = SEIZE(Verb)
Usage : The sales clerk quickly seized the money on the counter
बांधना = PIN DOWN(Verb)
Usage : I cannot narrow down the rules for this game
बांधना = TRUSS(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : The owner trussed the dog when the guests arrived .
बांधना = NET(Verb)
Usage : Government should make documents related to Netaji public.
बांधना = MOOR(Verb)
Usage : Richard J. Moore
बांधना = KNOT(Verb)
Usage : The strange question had him all in knots.
बांधना = SHEET(Verb)
Usage : a sheet of ice
बांधना = TOGGLE(Verb)
Usage : He hung his shirt on the toggle on the side wall.
बांधना = DO UP(Verb)
Usage : The gift was done up in pretty red paper
बांधना = PIN(Verb)
Usage : Rakesh hanged your coat on pin.
बांधना = INOSCULATE(Verb)
Usage : It's called pleaching, or grafting trees together, or grafting inosculate matter into one contiguous, vascular system.
बांधना = INCARCERATION(Noun)
Usage : His mother's incarceration is beginning to weigh on him.
बांधना = OBLIGATE(adjective)
Usage : Then we shall save Our Messengers and the believers. It is Our obligated duty, We shall save those who believe.
बांधना = FETTER(Verb)
Usage : The prophet will say: "O my Lord, my people had fettered the Qur 'an."
बांधना = PACKING(Noun)
Usage : He was packing his luggage for a holiday tour.
बांधना = POND(Noun)
Usage : the pond was too small for sailing
बांधना = TAPE(Verb)
Usage : The athlete is nearing the tape.
बांधना = JOIN(Verb)
Usage : As children of planet Earth, we must join hands to address our common challenges and achieve our common goals.

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