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CONFISCATE = राजसात [pr.{rajasat} ](Verb)
Usage : Vijay Mallya's Rs 100-crore 'Beach Villa' was confiscated by ED.
उदाहरण : जब्त शक्कर , व्यापारियों को लौटाने की बजाए अब उसे राजसात बताकर नीलाम करने की बात की जा रही है।
CONFISCATE = ज़ब्त कर लेना [pr.{jabt kar lena} ](Verb)
CONFISCATE = ज़ब्त करना [pr.{jabt karana} ](Verb)
उदाहरण : 70 करोड़ रुपये का बेहिसाब धन तेलंगाना में चुनाव से पहले ज़ब्त किया गया।
CONFISCATE = अधिहरण करना [pr.{adhiharaN karana} ](Verb)
उदाहरण : पुलिस ने दिल्ली में हेरोइन के पैकेट अधिहरण किए।


CONFISCATED = ज़ब्त [pr.{Jabt} ](Adjective)
Usage : His property was confiscated.
उदाहरण : आज पुलिस द्वारा ज़ब्त चल वस्तुओं की नीलामी की जाएगी. Today the police will auction the confiscated movable articles.

Definition of Confiscate

  • take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority; "The FBI seized the drugs"; "The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment"; "The police confiscated the stolen artwork"
  • surrendered as a penalty
  • taken without permission or consent especially by public authority; "the condemned land was used for a highway cloverleaf"; "the confiscated liquor was poured down the drain"

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Confiscate meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Confiscate in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages by ShabdKhoj. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Confiscate in Hindi? Confiscate ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Confiscate का हिंदी में मतलब ). Confiscate meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is राजसात.English definition of Confiscate : take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority; The FBI seized the drugs; The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment; The police confiscated the stolen artwork

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Meaning Summary

Confiscate Meanings: राजसात, ज़ब्त कर लेना, ज़ब्त करना, अधिहरण करना

Synonym/Similar Words: impound, confiscated, appropriated, forfeited, seized, taken over, condemned, sequester, seize, forfeit

Antonym/Opposite Words: offer