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दुष्ट = WICKED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : क्या तुर्की दुष्ट हो रहा है?
Usage : He is a wicked man.
दुष्ट = RASCAL(Noun)
Usage : Her both the children are rascals.
दुष्ट = JACK(Noun)
Usage : you dont know jack
दुष्ट = NAUGHTY(Adjective)
Usage : He is a naughty boy.
दुष्ट = SAVAGE(Noun)
Usage : Some young people are becoming savage.
दुष्ट = VILLAINOUS(Adjective)
Usage : He has a villainous role to play
दुष्ट = DEVIL(Noun)
Usage : what the devil
दुष्ट = NASTY(Adjective)
Usage : in a nasty mood
दुष्ट = EVIL(Noun)
Usage : the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones
दुष्ट = RAPSCALLION(Noun)
Usage : Someone had to show that all politicians are not rapscallions, that change means hope regained.
दुष्ट = TREACHEROUS(Adjective)
Usage : He is a treacherous person.
दुष्ट = SCALAWAG(Noun)
Usage : Huckelberry Finn was a scalawag.
दुष्ट = SCALLYWAG(Noun)
Usage : Tom sawyer was a scallywag.
दुष्ट = VARLET(Noun)
Usage : The king's trusted varlet delivered an important message to the queen.
दुष्ट = BAD(Noun)
Usage : take the bad with the good
दुष्ट = KNAVE(Noun)
Usage : I have never said that he was a knave.
दुष्ट = BLACK(Noun)
Usage : the widow wore black
दुष्ट = UNKIND(Adjective)
Usage : He passed a thoughtless and unkind remark on her.
दुष्ट = ROGUE(Noun)
Usage : He is a rogue.
दुष्ट = SCOUNDREL(Noun)
Usage : Dont meet me again you scoundrel.
दुष्ट = SNAKY(Adjective)
Usage : She has snaky type of hair.
दुष्ट = ILL DISPOSED(Adjective)
Usage : He was ill disposed towards the idea of working with his rival.
दुष्ट = UGLY(Adjective)
Usage : an ugly face
दुष्ट = SCRATCHY(Adjective)
Usage : The new sweater was scratchy against my skin, making me uncomfortable.
दुष्ट = ARCH(Adjective)
Usage : Her arch smile left him dreaming.
दुष्ट = SNOTTY(Adjective)
Usage : The snotty teenager rolled her eyes at her parents.
दुष्ट = SNOOTY(Adjective)
Usage : He is a very snooty person.
दुष्ट = PATCHY(Adjective)
Usage : Cold patchy swellings develop all over the body.
दुष्ट = SCAMP(Noun)
Usage : In the childhood, very child behaves like a scamp.
दुष्टता = WICKEDNESS(Noun)
उदाहरण : नीच व्यक्ति कभी भी अपनी" heinousness"नहीं छोड़ता.
Usage : It is up to you to tell the world of its wickedness and sin.
दुष्टता = IMMORALITY(Noun)
Usage : the immorality of basing the defense of the West on the threat of mutual assured destruction
दुष्टता = VILENESS(Noun)
Usage : But there were certain men of mankind who would take refuge with certain men of the jinn, and they increased them in vileness,
दुष्टता = INIQUITY(Noun)
Usage : the powers of darkness

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