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गाड़ी = VEHICLE(Noun)
उदाहरण : रेलगाडी
Usage : his editorials provided a vehicle for his political views
गाड़ी = CARRIAGE(Noun)
उदाहरण : पुराने दिनों में घोड़ा गाड़ी परिवहन का सामान्य साधन था।
Usage : stood with good posture
गाड़ी = GHARRY(noun)
Usage : The gharry driver took us to the market.
गाड़ी = CAR(Noun)
Usage : he needs a car to get to work
गाड़ी = WHEELS(Noun)
Usage : Fire Wheels
गाड़ी = CART(Noun)
Usage : He used a handcart to carry the rocks away
गाड़ी = TRAIN(Verb)
Usage : The boy saw the train coming.
गाड़ी = WAGON(Noun)
Usage : They travelled by a wagon from the station.
गाड़ी = WAIN(Noun)
Usage : Barima - Waini
गाड़ी = DRAY(Noun)
Usage : The coolie pulled the dray with difficulty
गद्दी = PAD(Noun)
उदाहरण : आराम से ऊपर गद्दी पर बैठा है। ” चेपक ने रूखे स्वर में कहा,
Usage : Yesterday I purchased a very beautiful pad.
गद्दी = WAD(Noun)
उदाहरण : गद्दी पर बैठा
Usage : he used a wad of cotton to wipe the counter
गड्डी = PACK(Noun)
उदाहरण : ऑक्सीजन शैली का ताश गड्डी
Usage : A pack of scientists was sent to America for some research.
Last Sunday a wild pack of wolves were brought down to the zoo from the jungles.
गद्दी = CUSHION(Noun)
Usage : I did embroidery on the cushion
गद्दी = POUFFE(Noun)
Usage : He wants to sit on the pouffe.
Having a pouffe is considered as fashionable by some.
गद्दी = LAY(Noun)
Usage : A lay musician.
गद्दी = THRONE(Noun)
Usage : the king sat on his throne
गड्डी = DECK(Noun)
Usage : The crew members go for a walk on the deck.
गद्दी लगा = UPHOLSTERED(Verb)
Usage : Check that upholstered furniture carries a label stating that it meets fire safety requirements.
गाड़ी स्थान = PARKING(Noun)
Usage : there is plenty of parking behind the store
गद्दी लगाना = UPHOLSTER(Verb)
Usage : We upholstered the sofa.
गद्दी लगाना = CUSHION(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : The lady had to cushion her childs seat
गद्दी लगाना = PADDING(Noun)
Usage : Error while padding file (% s)
गद्दी से हटा = DETHRONED(Verb)
Usage : During the middle of the twelfth century, Taila III was dethroned and perhaps killed by Bijjala.
गद्दीदर भराव = WADDING(Noun)
Usage : Wadding gait is due to gluteus medius muscle weakness, and seen with muscular dystrophies, among other disorder.
गद्दीदर भराव = CUSHIONING(Noun)
Usage : A cushioning layer called the Periodontal Ligament sits between the cementum and the jawbone.
गद्दी/आसन/सीट = SADDLE(Noun)
Usage : Sit on the saddle and ride the horse.
गद्दीदार बनाना = PAD(Verb)
उदाहरण : कंपनी ने अपने प्रोडक्ट लाइन में कुछ नया फीचर्स गद्दीदार बनाना हुआ।
Usage : Tortoise walks with a very pad movements.
गद्दीदार बनाना = PLUMP(Verb)
Usage : I plumped the big balloon for the Birthday celebration.
गद्दीदार पट्टी = TRUSS(Noun)
Usage : The truss caved in,in the auditorium.
गद्दीदार बनाना = PAD OUT(Verb)
Usage : The company decided to pad out their product line with some new features.
गद्दी छोड़ देना = RENOUNCE(Verb)
Usage : A 24-year old CA has decided to renounce a fortune worth crores to become a Jain monk.
गाड़ियों का समूह = FLEET(Noun)
Usage : A fleet of ships was deployed to evacuate persons stranded on the coast.
गद्दी पर बैठाना = ENTHRONE(Verb)
Usage : The Queen was enthroned more than 50 years ago
गद्दी से उतारना = UNTHRONE(Verb)
उदाहरण : विद्रोहियों ने दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण राजा को गद्दी से उतार दिया।
Usage : The rebels managed to unthrone the corrupt king.
गद्दी से उतारना = DETHRONE(Verb)
Usage : If the King does not abdicate, he will have to be dethroned
गद्दी से उतारना = DEPOSITION(Noun)
Usage : Deposition of government is not in the interest of the country.

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