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इशरत = REVELRY(Noun)
उदाहरण : इशरत
Usage : Slowly their drunken revelry went on late into the night.
इशारा = WAVE(Noun)
उदाहरण : की ओर इशाराः
Usage : a wave of settlers
इशारा = MOTION(Noun)
इशारा = INDICATION(Noun)
उदाहरण : अध्यापक ने बच्चो को चुप रहने का इशारा किया !
Usage : an indication of foul play
इशारा = INSINUATION(Noun)
Usage : It is not uncommon for the subordinates to use insinuation.
इशारा = HINT(Verb)
उदाहरण : में टी.वी देख रही थी तभी मॉ ने किताब पढने का इशारा किया !
Usage : not a breath of scandal ever touched her
ईशारा = EXPRESSION(Noun)
उदाहरण : जो साफ ईशारा कर रहा है कि संसद के शीतकालीन सत्र का बचा हुआ वक्त भी हंगामे की भेंट चढ़ने के पूरे आसार हैं।
Usage : a sad expression
इशारा = EVINCE(Verb)
उदाहरण : सीमा ने उसके फ्रेंड को फूल देखने का इशारा किया |
Usage : Seema evinced her friend to see the flower.
इशारा = SIGN(Noun)
Usage : Signs on his face were full of sorrow.
इशारा = CLUE(Noun)
Usage : The police tried to solve the case with the help of little clue it had.
Usage : He is a great gesticulation artist.
इशारा = HINTING(Verb)
Usage : Font Hinting
इशारा = BECK(Noun)
Usage : There are many becks in my village.
इशारा = STEER(Noun)
Usage : Your Lord is He Who steers your vessels across the seas that you may seek of His Bounty. He is ever Merciful towards you.
इशारा = SIGNAL(Noun)
Usage : signals from the boat suddenly stopped
इशाराअना = BECKON(Verb)
Usage : She waved to her friends
इशारा करना = GESTURE(Verb)
Usage : a political gesture
इशारा करना = INDICATE(Verb)
Usage : I showed the customer the glove section
इशारा करना = REFER(Verb)
Usage : Does this remark refer to you?
इशारा करना = LOOK(Verb)
Usage : he went out to have a look
इशारा करना = GESTICULATE(Verb)
Usage : The teacher gesticulated to the students to sit down.
इशारा करना = INSINUATE(Verb)
Usage : Antonys friends tried to insinuate by their remarks to win ceasers.
इशारा करना = SIGN(Verb)
Usage : he showed signs of strain
इशारा करना = POINT(Verb)
Usage : a point is defined by its coordinates
इशारा करना = MARK(Verb)
Usage : The arrow missed its mark.
इशारा करना = MOTION TO(Verb)
Usage : Under Article 67 - B, the motion to remove Vice - President from the office would be moved only in the Rajya Sabha.
इशारा देना = CUE(Verb)
Usage : It doesn 't appear to be a valid disc image or a valid cue file.
इशारा करना = MESSAGE(Verb)
Usage : You have a new message .
इशारा किया = GESTURED(Verb)
उदाहरण : फिर ज़करिया (अपने इबादत के) हुजरे से अपनी क़ौम के पास (हिदायत देने के लिए) निकले तो उन से इशारा किया कि तुम लोग सुबह व शाम बराबर उसकी तसबीह (व तक़दीस) किया करो
Usage : Then he came out from the Sanctuary to his nation, and gestured to them to exalt (their Lord) at the dawn and at the evening.
इशारा करना = BECKON(TransitiveVerb)
Usage : From the balcony she beckoned to come to her home.
इशारा करना = SHOW(Verb)
Usage : a remarkable show of skill

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