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कातर = FAINTHEARTED(Adjective)
उदाहरण : कातर
Usage : He was too fainthearted to confront the bully.
कतरन = CLIPPING(Noun)
उदाहरण : एक जमाना था कि कागज की कतरन ढाई रुपये किलों थी और आज वहीं कतरन कोई अस्सी पैसे में नहीं पूछ रहा|
Usage : he searched through piles of letters and clippings
कटार = DAGGER(Noun)
उदाहरण : --"2.एक~चिह्न"
Usage : Prayer bell, the Vajra Dorje and the magic dagger Pur - Bu are among the other important items that are decorated.
कातर = AFRAID(Adjective)
Usage : Are you afraid of dogs?
कतरन = SNIPPING(Noun)
उदाहरण : "द मर्जर" में केविन मैलोन द्वारा स्टेपल्स-ब्राण्ड की एक CD-R और अन्य अनेक गैर-कागज़ उत्पादों, एक सलाद सहित, को कतरने के लिये स्टेपल्स-ब्राण्ड की एक कतरन मशीन का प्रयोग किया जाता है।
Usage : The hairdresser was snipping away at my hair, giving me a fresh new look.
कतरन = TRIMMING(Noun)
Usage : the children had to be in bed before it was time for the trimming of the tree
कातर = COWARD(Noun)
Usage : he is coward
कातर = DAUNTED(Adjective)
Usage : into college calculus courses are still daunted
कटार = SABRE(Noun)
Usage : In an act of sabre rattling, the US sent its seventh fleet into the Bay of Bengal.
कातर = FEARFUL(Adjective)
Usage : The soldier was fearful of waking up the General.
कातर = SKITTISH(Adjective)
Usage : Generally, horses become skittish.
कातर = APPREHENSIVE(Adjective)
Usage : I feel very apprehensive about tomorrows match.
कातर = HORRIFIED(Verb)
Usage : which horrified those industries.
कटार = SABER(Noun)
Usage : To the drum - beats of the duty, the sabers of doom.
कातर = PIGEON HEARTED(Adjective)
कटार = TUCK(Noun)
Usage : A school tuck shop is nearby.
कतरन = CUTTING(Noun)
Usage : the cutting of whiskey with water
कातर = HESITANT(Adjective)
Usage : He stopped with his hand on the knob of the inner door, hesitant, and unwilling to believe his eyes.
कतरन = SNIPPET(Noun)
Usage : Amitabh Bachchan shared a snippet of #IForIndia concert on his Twitter account with a caption, "T 3520 - In Memoriam...."
कातर = MEEK(Adjective)
Usage : He is a pretty meek fellow.
कटरा = SQUARE(Noun)
उदाहरण : श्रीनिवासाराघवान वेंकटराघवन
Usage : you can compute the area of a square if you know the length of its sides
कतरन = SHAVING(Noun)
Usage : I need to buy a new shaving cream for my daily routine.
कातर = TIMID(Adjective)
Usage : Ketan is a timid boy.
कटार = WHINGER(Noun)
कतरन = CLIP(Noun)
Usage : he gave me a clip on the ear
कतरन = WINDOW(Noun)
Usage : he could see them through a window in the trees
कातर = CENTIPEDE(Noun)
Usage : A common centipede, with only one pair of legs to each body segment. 5.
कातर = MOUSY(Adjective)
Usage : She is a mousy woman.
कतरन = SHRED(Noun)
Usage : There is not a shred of evidence to support what he says.
कतरन = PARING(noun)
Usage : She was carefully paring the apples before making the pie.
कातर = COWARDLY(Adjective)
Usage : cowardly dogs, ye will not aid me then
कटार = STILETTO(Noun)
Usage : Mahesh was stabled badly by the stiletto.
कतरन = OFF CUT(Noun)
Usage : The off cut of fabric was used to make a small patch.
कतरन = LOPPING(Noun)
Usage : The woodsman was lopping branches off the tree to clear a path.
कतरन = CUTTINGS(Noun)
Usage : The gardener collected the cuttings to propagate new plants.
कतरन = SHREDDING(Verb)
Usage : In "The Merger", Kevin Malone uses a Staples-branded shredding machine to shred a Staples-branded CD-R and many other nonpaper items, including a salad.
कतरन = SHAVINGS(Noun)
Usage : He spread the shavings everywhere on the floor.
कातर = CAITIFF(Adjective)
कटार = SKEWER(Verb)
Usage : We can skewer the vegetables and grill them for a healthy meal.

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